One-Liner Wednesday – Proud As Punch! #InternationalWomansDay

“As a parent, you can dread your child’s Parent’s Evenings, but the one I just had has left me with a huge smile – she did good!”

Ritu Bhathal

It is International Woman’s Day, and I am proud to have given birth to a girl growing into the most amazing young woman. She has faced struggles and is coping with things many of us wouldn’t even think of, and hearing the way her teachers spoke about her at her Parent’s Evening, brought tears to my eyes, and I want to celebrate the Woman she is becoming. Love you, Lil Princess! 🥰

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Night Out… On A Week Day?!

young voices

Last night we had a bit of a late one.  No, it wasn’t date night, but we were lucky enough to go to the O2 arena in Greenwich, London, to watch my Lil Princess singing!

Her school were registered with the Young Voices Choir, and they, along with around 7500 children, had been practicing for the last 6 months, to sing at this show!

What a buzz to see my daughter there!

It was just over 2 hours of music and entertainment!

There were performances from Laura Wright, who sang at the Rugby World Cup here last year, Tom Billington, the Beatbox Collective, and Urban Strides, a dance company. The kids sang alongside them all, as well as singing medleys of many songs! It was in fact awesome!

To think that in a few years, she will be able to boast that she sang at the O2!

It was great watching her, as she pretended to be a rock star!  Yes, my photos show her as a dot… but I know which dot is her, and I am so proud of that dot!

They had great seats, at the front, right next to the conductor, and we were on the floor, but a little towards the back. Still, with binoculars, we got a great view!

They all held these little key ring lights, and when it was dark, and the children were shining those lights, it looked like a starry night!


We got back after 9.30pm.  Lil Man was exhausted and was in bed as soon as his teeth were brushed… The choir didn’t arrive back until 10.45pm!

A late night, and school the next morning?  Uh oh… I wasn’t sure how this one would play out, but you know what, she stayed in her bed, a massive thing in its own right, and she was up at 6.45am, changed and ready for school!

Wonders will never cease!

Still, Proud Mummy signing out!

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