#Blogmas2018 Ritu’s Blog Tips #17

Day 17

My muse, my tea my workstation!

Pose a question…

Okay, so you have written that fantastic post, poured your blood, sweat and tears into it… yet there appears to be no real engagement.

Here’s a little tip, always end your post with a question related to your content.

Give your readers something to think about, and answer back. It is always a great way to get that interaction going!

And when you have lots of decent comments on a post, (that are answered) people are more likely to add their thoughts!

A Quick Question For All You Author-y Types!


Well hello, there all of you!

I was just wondering, for any of you that are published authors… or nearly there… when you have published a book/novel/novella, what has your total word count been at?

And if you have published a compilation of short stories… how many stories in your book, and what length were they?

And what about poems….? What is a good length or amount of poems in an anthology?

A whole bunch of questions, sorry!

Emmanuel asked me 11 questions…

Emmanuel asked me to answer his 11 questions. I had nominated him for an award and he thought it would be cool if I answered his questions too… And you know I’m normally happy to oblige! So here goes!!!

 My questions to my nominees : 

1. What is your biggest fear?

The fear of losing my family… They are my life…

2. Why did you start blogging?

I had never thought about blogging until a friend of mine started one. She wrote a lot about her feelings in a few posts, and on the first one, I went to comment and realised I needed an account… the button blinked at me invitingly, saying “Click me! You know you want to! Join us in a blogging journey…!” And so I did, and the rest, as they say, is history!

3. What is your favourite song ?

I really couldn’t pick one.. I have so many from so many different genres.. Music is an integral part of my life, and different songs conjure up different memories and emotions…

4. What is your naughtiest fantasy?

Oooh! Now that is a bit personal..! I have all my fantasies packaged up in my Hubby Dearest, what can I say, no fantasy left unfulfilled, because he is with me! ;P

5. If you had the chance to meet one celebrity, who would it be?

I would love to meet Bollywood Actor Amitabh Bachchan, just because he is a total legend!

6. Who is your favourite blogger ?

That is another really hard one, I have read so many amazing blogs, and I follow them for so many different reasons, I couldn’t pin point one!

7. Do you ever sing in the shower?

Oh absolutely! In the shower, the bathe, the car, the kitchen, basically everywhere!

8. How did you decide the name for your blog?

Because it essentially describes me. I do have a smile on my face all the time, in times of happiness and sadness, I smile, because it makes me feel better, and I handle life better with a smile on my face. 🙂

9. What is your favourite theme on WordPress?

For myself, I like Koi, which I have, as I think it suits my blog, but there are so many that are stunning!

10. If you had to stay for one year without your phone or one year without having sex, what would you choose?

Without sex, as you can still use your phone to have phone sex I guess!! ;P

11. If you could commit a crime and get away with it, what would it be?

Steal from the rich, and give to the poor, like Robin Hood, but keep a bit for myself too! Gotta make it a little worth it ! ;P

But I Smile Anyway...

My interactive peeps!

Peeps are reading in…

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