16 Years Ago – Will It Never End? #9/11 #MondayBlogs

This time last year, I posted about what I was doing that fateful day – 9/11 – when the world changed.

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Has it made any changes for the positive since then?

There have been more attacks, with Islamic terrorist groups taking the blame.

Trump has been blowing his hot air into the atmosphere.

Kim Jong Un threatening to set off Nuclear bombs.

And there have been plenty of natural disasters causing mayhem in the world.


We have seen compassion.

The rush of aid to the various places where devastations have occurred.

People cmore likely to stand up to misplaced racism, especially against those Brown Skinned folks who are nothing to do with terrorism.

Sometimes it’s just little things. If we can keep making changes, little stands against the wrongs happening in the world, maybe, just maybe, we can help to turn things around in this world.

Today stands for remembrance, for all those innocents who lost lives, in 9/11 and all the other atrocities.

But it is also a time to address that if we can make a choice, offer a hand, we can change what’s going on in the world – together.

It’s our world. It’s our children’s future.

Let’s not let it die…

Wonder on a Wednesday


Today is a day tinged with sadness, my brother’s best friend, a little brother to me too, is being laid to rest today.
Feelings are very mixed.
Why would He take a young man, in the prime of his life, so soon?
He touched the lives of many.
An impression left on even those he met briefly.
A shining light to all, in moments of  darkness.
His smile was infectious.
The love he gave to all was bottomless.
Ehi, we will miss you so much here, I know you’ve left a HUGE gap in the lives of us all…
Pray that we will all meet again somewhere, up above.
R.I.P. lil brother xxxx

But I Smile Anyway...

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