Motherhood by Ritu

I was asked to guest post for mothers day by Vaishali of The Champa Tree… Have a read if you like!

Indian Motherhood & Parenting Blog - THE CHAMPA TREE

My favorite blogger- Ritu from But I Smile Anyway was invited to contribute for our ongoing campaign: #MyMotherMyHero. Take a look at this gorgeous piece, her journey, how a daughter became a mother, written so beautifully! Now, that’s such a wonderful story on motherhood

Mum, mom, mother, mama, maa…
So many ways to describe that woman who gave birth to you, raised you, and made you what you are…
I am very lucky, I have only had a positive experience of that maternal influence. My mother is one of the biggest influences and heroes in my life.  She gave up everything to be a mother to my brother and I. We were fortunate in that, despite being in a new country, having moved from Kenya to the UK, my Pops, as a dentist, was financially secure enough that when God blessed them with their first child…

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  2. OldenGray
    May 06, 2015 @ 04:57:13

    A fabulous story of honor for both important ladies in your life. Wonderful. It is so nice to see so much love in motion, especially when it comes to family.

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    • Ritu
      May 06, 2015 @ 05:53:10

      I firmly believe that family is the backbone of life… If you have good strong family support, you can achieve anything, knowing they are behind you every step of the way!

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  3. amaya911
    May 03, 2015 @ 15:37:26

    Nice post Ritu 🙂 I know in a sense what you’ve gone through. It’s hard being a woman sometimes.

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  4. the bespectacled mother
    May 03, 2015 @ 12:10:28

    I am dropping here from ‘The Champa Tree’. I clicked your blog’s link from your post there and I opened myself to familiarity. I carried this theme for a long time on my blog so the first thought which hit me was ‘did I click on my link or what’ 😀
    Reading your life’s journey was like nostalgia seeking home.

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  5. Erika Kind
    May 03, 2015 @ 12:07:50

    Your article is a amazing. Everything you did in life was borin in your heart first. You are a role model depending observing life and applying your own thoughts and actions in it. You are a treasure and a blessing for your children like your mom has been for you. I love the photos. What a cuty. You also look so very beautiful in this traditional dressing. Again: Great article!!!

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