#WritePhoto – Arch #IWD

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

The pathway was empty.
A strange hush surrounded the area.
Usually the place was teeming with folk, women hurrying about their daily duties, fetching supplies from the grocery shop and market, sloshing the dirty laundry water out, dropping off, or collecting children from school. The men appeared in the mornings and then at around 6 pm, either on their way to work, or returning.
You wouldn’t see a woman out then. They’d be busy getting dinner ready at the table, a feast for their menfolk.
But today, just ahead, if you stepped forward, and looked beyond the arch, you could see them.
All the women surrounded a podium on the green.
A commanding figure stood on the stage, addressing the women.
“I have had a vision. It may not happen in our lifetime, but one day, we WILL be appreciated for all the hard work we put in. It won’t be just the menfolk who are applauded for bringing the money in, but us too.”
A snigger from the crowd.
She looked over to where the noise came from.
“I kid you not. There will be a time where we will step out and work alongside them, and sometimes, even do a better job! Yet we will still be that wife, mother, home-maker… It shall be for one day each year, and one day only, but on that day, we shall celebrate being female. A day devoted to women!”
“In her dreams,” whispered Deirdre to Agnes, “now I’m late getting the tea on… spouting poppycock and nonsense like that. She’ll spoil the young’uns, putting ideas into their heads… Really! I’m off!”



36 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anuragbakhshi
    Mar 13, 2018 @ 09:32:35

    Thank God it wasn’t just a pipe-dream.

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  2. dornahainds
    Mar 10, 2018 @ 01:59:19

    Fantabulous.. 😎🥀😎🥀😎🥀😎🥀

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  3. Jennie
    Mar 10, 2018 @ 00:23:48

    Well done, Ritu!

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  4. syl65
    Mar 09, 2018 @ 02:07:53

    Like looking back in time Sister!

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  5. willowdot21
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 19:40:22

    Great take Sis 💜💜💜

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  6. Erika Kind
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 19:35:10

    I am with Aimer! And that counts for everything. If there is equality, respect, compassion, and acceptance in this world, every day will celebrate life and all and everyone it holds.

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  7. Aimer Boyz
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 19:13:27

    If equality ever really happens we won’t need an International Women’s Day !

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  8. eloquentparadise
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 18:40:23

    The future is female.

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  9. OIKOS™-Redaktion
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 18:16:30


  10. scr4pl80
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 17:57:29

    Sometimes dreams come true! Great one, Ritu.

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  11. Annette Rochelle Aben
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 17:44:34

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  12. Akriti pandya
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 17:22:09

    Amazing post 💛

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  13. trentpmcd
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 17:14:45

    Appropriate for International Women’s Day.

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