Chai And A Chat #25 #ChaiAndAChat

Hey there Peeps! I hope you have your beverage of choice ready!

  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you – “Week Four – In-Law-less – smashed it!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you about ‘that’ observation. Yes it happened. I was so worried about it, but even though there were some silly niggles (there always are!) I didn’t need to have it postponed, or anything, and I got the most lovely comment from my team leader!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d say that, the next bit of fun has been getting our new topic set up for the class. We are introducing Space to the Reception year, and have never done this before, so it has been all systems go, trying to get everything together for a fresh start on Monday. Seriously, new roleplay area, which is a space station, new resources for the learning, new everything! I had a mad dash into town to get bits for the topic on Thursday with my children, after school and I was buzzing, rushing around like a headless chicken. The kids were exhausted with keeping up with me!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that it’s been quite a calm week with the kids, as Lil Man has given his a self-imposed reward chart as he wants to earn money for a new badminton racquet. I’m not complaining. It means there aren’t as many arguments, and I have NEVER seen his room so tidy! Oh and his first session at the Badminton Academy went really well. There was an England coach there too, so he was stoked!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d say that, I have been working very hard on making sure my new Zen-like kitchen is kept pristine… but why do others NEVER put things back where they are meant to be??? Mentioning no names here…
    If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you I still had to get up early on Saturday morning for Lil Princess’s swimming lesson.. What I wouldn’t give for a little lie in… but the thing is, I can never actually stay asleep more!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d say that despite intending on a really quiet weekend, I woke on the Saturday to a challenge. A FitBit challenge! One of my friends added me to a Weekend Warrior challenge, to see who in the group could get more steps in over the weekend. Well, usually this is my chill time… but I can’t step away (see what I did there!) from a challenge, and I ended up walking around my living room, and even ended up doing a 3 mile walk in the afternoon! I was aching by the end of the Saturday, but felt quite invigorated! Saturday steps were over 25K in the end! Sunday, nowhere near as many, but I was going to relax, no matter what!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d also say we had a sleepover on the Saturday night too, with the Brother and Sister -in-Law! The parent’s in- law are still away but we thought it would be lovely to chill out together on the Saturday evening, and it was lovely, but I ahve to say, I really don’t like not having my own bed at the end of the night!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d let you know that I did something… something HUGE… I finally sent that WIP off to my editor…EEEEEEKS!!!!!! Could 2019 be the year for me???
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d tell you that it’s nearly time for holidays… I am crawling towards that goal that will be here in two weeks!
  • If we were sipping that chai togetherand possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d mention that it’s ~Mothers Day here in the UK on Sunday… Hmmm… I wonder what we will be doing to celebrate?

Have a wonderful week, Peeps! Let me know how your week went!

29 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. LucciaGray
    Apr 02, 2019 @ 15:23:55

    Congratulations on the positive comments on your teaching. Good luck with your WIP!

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  2. Rachael Stray |
    Mar 26, 2019 @ 19:47:26

    So glad your observation went well. Space topic sounds exciting I hope the class enjoy it. Half term is almost here just hang in there!

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  3. OIKOS™-Publishing
    Mar 26, 2019 @ 11:47:03

    Hey Sis! Christy has a wonderful posting about auras:
    Best wishes, MIchael

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  4. OIKOS™-Publishing
    Mar 25, 2019 @ 21:08:46

    Congratulations again! Yes, 2019 will be your year, Sis! Its your aura which will bring success.

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  5. Erika Kind
    Mar 25, 2019 @ 20:47:20

    So you are wearing a Fitbit too. Don’t ever dare to invite me… lol 😄

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  6. robbiesinspiration
    Mar 25, 2019 @ 17:02:08

    Congratulations are getting your novel off to the editor, Ritu. No-one in my house ever puts anything away either, which is a good thing, or I would never find anything at all. The feedback on your observation sounds pretty spot on to me.

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  7. Sneha
    Mar 25, 2019 @ 16:45:27

    Hey, m new here. Stumbled . Loving your blog posts. 😊

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  8. dearanonymousfriend
    Mar 25, 2019 @ 16:03:07

    happy early Mother’s Day! Sounds like an incredible week. ❤

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  9. scr4pl80
    Mar 25, 2019 @ 15:48:49

    Interesting that you have Mother’s Day so early. I thought it was in May all over the world! Learn something new everyday!

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  10. syl65
    Mar 25, 2019 @ 14:09:26

    Glad you could get your WIP off to your editor Sister 💜 Have a great week!! Holidays soon!!

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  11. Dan Antion
    Mar 25, 2019 @ 13:42:54

    Happy Mother’s Day (either belated or in advance, I couldn’t tell)



  12. willowdot21
    Mar 25, 2019 @ 12:04:36

    Hi Sis glad to hear that your news is good, excellent even. Lol man earning points, kitchen tidy, observation over. Good luck with the Space station today 💜. So proud of you sending off your WIP. Wishing you all the very best for that 💜🙋💜

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