Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 236 – Early Years


“It is greater work to educate a child, in a true and larger sense of the world, than to rule a state.”

Willia Ellery Channing

Profoundness today, eh Spidey!

And apt, as always, to my situation.

I have completed my first week in my new classroom, with my first very own class.

A group of 30 children who are my responsibility for the next academic year.

That’s a BIG responsibility.

Yes, they are 4-5 years-old.

No, they aren’t going to learn how to write a novel/solve complex equations/create scientific formulas this year.

But what I will have to teach them is to love learning.

  • How to hold a pencil
  • How to count
  • How to recognise their name and write it
  • How to begin to read

Simple academics, but on top of that, and more importantly, I need to teach them how to be compassionate, caring individuals. I need to show them that the world doesn’t revolve around them individually, but rather they, and their actions keep our world turning.

I must show then that asking questions is not wrong, but a way of extending their own knowledge. Every question they ask can be explored, investigated.

I have to make sure they develop confidence; conquer the fear of “I can’t do that” and convert it into “I can’t do that, yet.” and further, to “I will try that” onto “I did it!”

It’s a tough job, being an Early Years teacher. The syllabus isn’t as cut and dried as other years.

But I have the joy of (hopefully) creating a stable foundation for my class. A solid beginning to their academic career, so they move forward with an open mind and joy of learning.

So… tell me, what is the first memory you have of school?

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  1. thereluctantpoet
    Sep 09, 2019 @ 01:04:24

    Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet.

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  2. tidalscribe
    Sep 09, 2019 @ 00:26:23

    I remember my first class room had words all round the wall and I worried I would never understand to, too and two! But I don’t remember learning how to read.

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  3. thereluctantpoet
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 23:48:47

    Wow! Loved your post – especially “But what I will have to teach them is to love learning.” That’s one of the best gifts in life!!! Lucky you get to do that!!! The work of a teacher is a sacred trust – to care and direct the heart and soul of a child! Perhaps, that is the reason most people credit a teacher with having the greatest impact on their lives!!!

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  4. OIKOS™-Publishing
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 20:13:15

    I think with you efforts creating a wondwrful learn space, they will become the best persons ever. Not to forget you are a very dedicated teacher too. Have a wonderful week, Sis! Best wishes, Michael

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  5. John W. Howell
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 19:43:29

    My early school days were delightful. I had some really good teachers and loved going. Best wishes for this school year.

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  6. syl65
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 18:05:51

    I’m sure you’ll make it a fun learning environment and experience for the littles ones Sister 💜

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  7. Jim Borden
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 17:53:58

    wonderful quote; best of luck with your students!

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  8. Jennie
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 13:15:14

    I love this!

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  9. Erika Kind
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 11:16:51

    I agree with the quote, because the kids we educate today may be the rulers of tomorrow.
    My first memory of my first day of school (first grade, and age 6 – the one to two years below are called kindergarten over here): I was desperately looking for my classroom. We visited the classroom before and the teacher showed us the door. It was yellow. So I was looking for a yellow door. The problem was that all the doors were yellow… 😱

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  10. bereavedandbeingasingleparent
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 10:19:12

    Your doing a great job. It’s the most important job in the world.

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  11. Darlene
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 08:27:15

    You have such an important job. these children will be the future of our world and a good start in school is so important. You are the best person for the job. They are so lucky! xo

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  12. meenawalia
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 07:13:25

    Really respect teachers teaching toddlers the very basic things.i have had the toughest time teaching just three.Hats off really

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  13. joylennick
    Sep 08, 2019 @ 07:07:26

    You’re doing a grand job, Ritu. Writing my name in a sand-tray and being chosen to play the triangle and tambourine in the class band. (NO it did not lead to orchestral fame, but I played a mean record on our turn-table gramophone..) xx.

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