Flying Duo by Zoe May @zoe_writes #BookReview #Publication Day

I am honoured to pop an extra post on today, to help celebrate the publication of Zoe May’s newest release, Flying Duo, which is out today!

Flying Duo by Zoe May

A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy chick lit novel about love, dreams and self-discovery by bestselling author, Zoe May

London lawyer Rachel Watson has wound up in an Indian ashram with hippy heartthrob lover, Seb.

A high-achiever, Rachel has always lived life according to her Life List, ticking off goals along the way. But now that she’s in India, Rachel is going with the flow, or at least trying to…

Rachel’s visa is running out and it’s time to decide whether her relationship with Seb is a holiday romance or built to last.

The pair embark on a trip to Nepal for an Everest base camp trek, but will their relationship survive this gruelling expedition or is it time to part ways?

★ Flying Duo is the second romantic comedy in the ‘Flying’ series, following on from bestseller, Flying Solo. If you are looking for escapist women’s fiction, Flying Duo is offers a heartwarming romance in classic feel-good, funny chicklit style. It guarantees armchair adventure during lockdown. ★

And, here’s my review!

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Right, so, I read Flying Solo last year, and totally fell in love with the whole Eat Love Pray kinda feel, even though our heroine wasn’t off to find herself, in India, but to rekindle her romance with her ex, who had left her back in England.
Still, the descriptions of the Ashram that Rachel found herself at, and the ensuing adventures, the people she met, followed by the romance she did find (not with that ex!) made me hanker for more, and I was over the moon to get a chance to read Flying Duo, the sequel.
Rachel is in a happy place with her Ashram love, Canadian Sam. After turning things upside down in the ashram, by sparking an investigation of the head honcho there, she isn’t as welcome as she thought, and her visa was fast running out.
A flippant comment sees the duo end up in Nepal, experiencing uncomfortable hostels, as well as deciding to climb Everest to the basecamp.
Not quite the relaxing break Rachel had wanted, but it ends up being an enlightening time.
We see Rachel grow, in a different way, through the course of Flying Duo, as she decides what to do with her life, and with whom.
There are some gigglesome moments throughout, and some more disturbing ones (Bloodsucking leeches, anyone?) but the ending is truly fitting, and again…. might we see a Flying Trio soon???

And if you’ve not read the first, here it is, too!

Zoe has written several successful romantic comedies, and I highly recommend her books for a bit of escapism, especially right now!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. robbiesinspiration
    Mar 03, 2021 @ 05:23:21

    This sounds like a lovely and light read, Ritu. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person


  2. OIKOS™-Editorial
    Mar 01, 2021 @ 21:20:52

    Wow! Sounds really a funny read. Thank you for introducing, Sis! Two books with such different titels, but grounded on the same story. Reading about a hook up around a ashram could be wonderful too. Will put it on my TBR, Sis! Best wishes, Michael

    Liked by 1 person


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