Bake a Cake or Two

The Annual Bloggers Bash is almost upon us…

Which means cake…

Well, for me, anyway!

What’ll it be this year?

Will you be coming?

Blogger’s Bash Bake Off! #BloggersBash #ABBA’s

That Geoffles, His Geoffleship to me, he’s a champion baker!

Last year at the ABBA’s, he brought an amazing amount of home baked treats for us all… put my Maltesers to shame!

Well, he’s been busy again this year… check his efforts out this year here!

But I decided (somewhat foolishly, considering I still need to teach/parent/wife before the Bash!) that I would bake a few bits and pieces too… It makes me happy be able to offer something, considering our amazing committee has put up so much for us to get together!

So here it all is!


I’ve made Ritu’s Rocky Road… with plenty of chocolate… gotta be done! 😉

And Ritu’s Nutella Chocolate Twists! (Kind of a take on my Nutella Christmas trees!)

And finally, Rabbitting Ritu’s Carrot Cakes!

They are all packed and ready to go… Heaven knows how I will be transporting all this with me lol!


Here’s to tomorrow!!!!! Can’t wait to see all my Blog Pals!!!!!

Disastrous Cupcakes, But Gorgeous Nails!

On Thursday, I left school with a few ideas. My ideas are not always good, but still…

The first was to get my nails done. I opted for some chrome talons, to brighten my day…


Fingers and tootsies done, I headed off to pick the children up from my in-laws. We had the Macmillan Coffee Morning the next day, and a cake sale, for charity, so I thought why not bake a batch or two of cupcakes for school!

Off we trotted to the supermarket to get the right ingredients, me tapping my new, shiny nails everywhere! (Love them!)

And the baking started in earnest. Lil Princess was eager to help so she took hold of the electric whisk and we got beating…

The rise was amazing… during the first 5 minutes, then they started to dip…

I ended up with two trays of sweet Yorkshire puddings!



In all my time baking, never have I had that happen to me! I was devastated! And i had even got the buttercream icing ready to pipe too!

So frustrated was I that I anger-iced the cakes… and after that, there was no way I could take them anywhere to sell!


Though Hubby Dearest and the kids assured me they were beautifully edible, if a tad crisp around the edges!

What was the point of rushing around the supermarket, for them!?

Sigh! Possible overbeating, I was informed by a friend who is a baker!

Still, at least my nails look good….

Baking bread!


The kids have been asking me for ages to bake bread at home.. And recently they gave been relishing the fresh bread I buy from the supermarket…

Ok so here goes!

We need

500g bread flour

1.5 tsp. salt

1 tspn sugar

15g softened butter or 15ml vegetable oil

Sachet of yeast.

About 300ml water 1 part boiling 2 parts cold

(I used Allinsons flour and yeast)

  1. Put flour in a bowl and add salt
  2. Stir in yeast and sugar
  3. Slowly add water to create a soft dough
  4. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead of around 10 minutes until smooth and elastic
  5. Shape dough, or put in a tin, cover and place somewhere warm for around 45 minutes until doubles in size
  6. Preheat oven to 230 degrees Celsius
  7. Place dough in oven for 15 minutes
  8. Reduce temperature to 200 degrees Celsius and bake for further 15-20 minutes, until bread has risen and is go.den brown, and sounds hollow when tapped underneath.
  9. Turn out and cool on a wire rack
  10. ENJOY!

My ingredients

Turning the dough out, ready to knead


Dough kneaded


Shaped and ready to prove


45 mins later

In the oven


Here’s our bread!


And it tastes not bad too! Pretty good for our first attempt!


The Cake Pop-ulation!

So a couple of years ago, I discovered Cake Pops… And being an avid baker (well, I try anyway!) I just had to have a go!!

These are my results!

Messy, but Cake Pops, nonetheless!

But I loved these individuals!

My interactive peeps!

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