#SoCS June 13/2020 – Nail

Linda’s #SoCS prompt today…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “nail.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

Ever since I was young, I’ve had issues with my nails.

They wouldn’t grow, then I didn’t give them a chance, by biting them to the quick.

After years of weaning myself off nail-nibbling, including various ways, like trying StopNGrow polish that tasted yuck, and dipping fingers in chilli powder (ouch, yes!) I finally stopped. I don’t think any of the above actually helped, I just grew out of it, but unfortunately, my nails didn’t.

After subjecting them to all that biting, they were weak. And I wasn’t graced with great nail genes either, as Mum was an even worse biter than me, and my Pops, well, he just cut them down all the time, so I don’t know if he had the capacity for beautiful, long, strong nails

So false nails became my saviour. I’ve tried so many different types of extensions, from fibre-glass, to acrylic, to gel nails. I even used gel polish instead of the normal. My last foray was into SNS dipping powder nails, where the colour is in the mineral enriched powder that is dipped onto your nails, creating a coloured hard coating.

I’ll tell you a little something. As an Early Years Teacher, I am subjected to a whole lot of washing, on a regular basis, from washing equipment, to water play, to washing hands, and water really softens my nails, weakening them more, so the SNS powders have been great at protecting them and allowing them to grow beneath. And every two to three weeks, I go and get them redone.

I do love my SNS nails. But the problem is that it is not easy to remove the product, unless you have the right acetone remover or equipment to do so. And guess what happened three months ago?


And with that, all nail salons shut!


Who’s going to help me sort out my nails? As they grew, the temptation was strong, to chip them off slowly. And that is never a good thing.

But, the plus side has been that my nails have had nearly three months of naturalness. No polish, or product on them. They are growing, still soft, but growing, themselves… maybe I can wean myself off getting them done regularly… (and save myself a pretty penny!)

I love pretty nails
My sparkling, polished talons 
Make me feel so glam!

Ritu 2020

Nailed it!

#SoCS Dec. 16/17 – Contrast

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “contrast.” Use the word “contrast,” or talk about contrasting things. Enjoy!

In Contrast…

I’ll be off soon to get my Christmas nails done!

It’s been a while. They are looking terrible at the moment, but, what with life, I haven’t had a chance to pamper myself as I usually do.

And I need to get them done today as Hubby Dearest and I are off to his work Christmas Party tonight. It’s a ‘Ball’ of sorts, and the company sent invites out to the employees and partners.

I love a good party, and it doesn’t phase me in the slightest that I have never met any of his colleagues since he started at this company just before the summer this year. All the more new people to talk to!

His previous company also had glamorous ‘plus one’ Christmas parties at various glamorous locations, like Whitehall Palace, Madame Tussauds and London Zoo, which we attended as a couple. It’s always lovely to dress up and be all ‘fancy’ if you know what I mean!

In contrast, my work party, which will be at the end of term, is very much an event just for the staff. There is never an invitation stretched to the partners of the attendees! And it only occurred to me the other day that none of the places I worked, have ever had a party where partners have been invited!

He always asks whether he can come, and I always have to say no! I think we all really need to let off steam after the long Autumn term, and having partners there can sometimes mean that you end up babysitting your other half if they don’t know others, instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Mind you, I’m not sure I’d want to be in a room with 40-odd school and teaching staff, after all the assessments, observations, and Christmas productions, if I wasn’t one of them!!!

Now I need to decide what do do with my nails… Sparkles and glitter? Chrome? Contrasting feature nail (yes, that is a thing!)? Let’s see, eh!




Happy Saturday Peeps!

More Conversations With Strangers

You know me.

I like to chat…lots!

My Hubby Dearest and kids are resigned to the fact that if they are going out somewhere with me, that there is a high possibility that I will end up engaging in some sort of conversation with some random!

Yesterday, I went to the nail salon to get my nails refreshed before my anniversary weekend (as you do) and I entered into a conversation with one of the other clients about what colour, or more specifically, which blue she should go for.

Content that I had helped her with her electric blue shade issue, I settled back to chat to my technician about Instagram, as they don’t have a business account, and I wanted to let them know that I used a picture of my last trip there as an entry for the Black and White Photo Challenge, and that it was responsible for bringing in around 100 views a day, in the last few weeks! I have had over 2000 views just for that post recently!

The electric blue lady’s ears perked up. “What do you mean by posts?” I explained that I blogged.  “Ooooh! Do you have a YouTube channel then?”

“No,” I explained, ” I write, I don’t make videos. I’m a Blogger, not a Vlogger!”

“So, are you like one of them advice writers?”

“Erm, not really. I write about everything and anything that comes to mind. Poetry, fiction, life…”

She went quiet for a moment or two, then quietly said “I have a problem with boys… Like they are just all so bleurgh….”


I settled back to chat to my technician who has a son in Reception class. She always tells me about his difficulties with writing and concentration, so I try to help out with different strategies she could use with him to get him engaged with mark making, and focussing.

I explained how he is possibly not ‘listening’ or joining in because he doesn’t fully understand instructions, being a student with English as a second language and that the teacher should be addressing him in a simpler way, so he can access all the learning, until his English is more secure.

Ms Electric Blue joined in again.

“So, he doesn’t understand so he doesn’t concentrate? He must have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I’ve got that.”

She went on.

“I think if my boy was at school and I needed to, I’d bug the teacher every day until they’d listen. I worry he might have it too.”

The conversation went on. Her son is only 5 months old. I told her to not expect him to automatically have ADD just because she does. Then she went on to list health complaints her family has (Asthma/ exzcema / Depression) and that she was so scared her baby would have it too. She confessed that her own reading and writing was poor due to her condition not being supported at school, because a proper diagnosis not being issued until she was at college.

By this time, another client, American in nationality, joined in too, giving her advice, which was similar to mine, in that she should try not to assume her baby will carry some sort of condition, and to think positive.

We settled back into our treatments.

She came and sat next to me.

“Being a mum makes you feel so old,” she said, “I’m only 21.”

I gave her a smile, “Well, I’m mum to a near teenager, and an almost 10 year old, and I’m double your age. 42. And I really don’t feel old, most of the time! Enjoy your baby, and try and enjoy the time you have with him at this age. They grow up far too fast!”

She turned back to her nails then, concentrating on the blue…

And just like that, one of my strange conversations with strangers ended.

I did feel I may have left this one, having imparted some useful advice though… and I’m glad the family weren’t around, they would have never let me chat for as long as I had done!

And my nails?


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Glittering Rewards

After my stressful week last week, and then the following good news regarding my observation, I decided I needed a treat, so I went for a slightly more glamorous look fo my nails this week!

This time I chose holographic nails!


Don’t these talons look just awesome?

And when they catch the sunlight, they are pretty mesmerising!

(I did have a video to upload here for you but it won’t work!!!)

Maybe they’ll help with keeping my class under control, by hypnotising them!

I do love this chrome powder the nail salon uses!

I Love My Nails But…

… I cannot type with them anymore!

It’s been over two weeks since I had my lovely French manicure with a touch of glitter applied. They’ve lasted pretty well!

I was hoping to get a refresh last week but our impromptu trip put paid to that!

They are still looking good. Thank heavens for Gel Polish! 

But my issue is this…

They are too long ! I’m finding it difficult to type now!

Whenever my fingers whizz over my keyboard,they add 20% more random letters to my posts as the tips of my nails hit keys above what I wanted to press!

Thank heavens for spellchecker and Grammarly!!!

So apologies in advance if I write something in your comments that makes no sense… or if there are typos in my posts… blame the nails!!!

Pretty, but soooo annoying! I don’t know how other ladies cope but I can’t,lol!

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