#SoCS Nov. 21/2020 –

Linda’s #SOCS prompt for this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last thing you put in your fridge.” Start your post with the last thing you put in your fridge. Let your mind wander from there. Enjoy!

Beer-ly, Linda? (Like what I did there? Beer was the last think I put in the fridge, for Hubby Dearest…)

It’s been an age and a half since I took part in the #SOCS challenge, and you give me this prompt?

Why have I been away so long?

Well, in case you weren’t aware, there has been a crazy pandemic, let loose across the world, and after deciding to cut all my excess blogging, to concentrate on my WIP, I started back at school in September, and basically found my whole life sucked out of me!

Forget working on my WIP. The only thing I’ve been good for, the last few months has been work. Full Stop.

It’s been exhausting, in school, dancing to the tunes of the imbeciles in charge of our government, and the education sector, all the while knowing what they are suggesting is probably not the right way to do things.

I’ve been falling into the house, exhausted, mentally and physically, with a particularly challenging class, to top it off, and besides making sure my family is fed, I barely have the energy to do anything else!

I read, yes, but fall asleep, frequently, with the book in my hand.

Oh, and not to forget the home renovations, as well as putting the house on the market, and beginning the search for our forever home!

Writing has taken a total back step, because my brain can’t compute any more!

But, I hope, I am back now!

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