It’s easy to stay connected nowadays, isn’t it?

What with everyone cradling a mobile phone, you are always a mere message away from connecting with someone.

And with all the different versions of social media out there, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Instagram etc. it is even easier.

Heck, you can connect with whoever you want to, whether it is by just following and liking a celebrity’s photos, or by commenting on blog posts!

Then you have all these new-fangled ways to make ‘love connections’; Tinder, Grindr and all these kinds of apps. They are a bit beyond me, I went the old skool way of actually meeting a person, not using photos to reel my man in!

But with the ease by which we can maintain these connections, though very accessible, are they real?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love interacting with family, friends and Blogily on all these various mediums. I’d be the last person to say they shouldn’t exist!

But what about old fashioned connections?

What about actually getting off our phones, off our arses, and going to meet people? Or what about actually using our phones to shock, horror, speak to someone, rather than sending messages, or forwarding chain mail?

In my eyes, nothing beats the physical sensation of meeting someone, face to face, and being able to engulf someone, or be engulfed in a huge hug!

That is the way I felt last June when we all met up for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards, take 2!

My life in the blogosphere started in November 2015, and slowly, I built up an amazing collective of bloggers, who I like to affectionately call my Blogily. We interacted on a weekly, if not daily, basis and these names became part of my everyday life.

For a non-blogger, understanding the importance of these folk would be hard. In fact, even though I kinda knew what my blogily meant to me, I sometimes found it tough to comprehend exactly how these virtual strangers had come to mean so much.

But that day in June, finally seeing so many faces, in the flesh, not just that Gravatar photo, was truly amazing!

As I hugged my way across the room, each person became more real. And not only were old connections reinforced, but new ones were established too.

It was a wonderful day!

Let us all connect
In every way possible
Join lives together
We are all of one planet
Let us be of one soul too

My entry for the ABBA Blog Post Competition.

#BeWoW Post – Connection


This week, Ronovan’s suggested we talk about Connections.

My take…

The first thing that came to mind when I read the word Connections, was technological, the Internet, mobile phones, social media… You need to connect to the Internet in order for it to work, your call needs to connect with the other persons phone, to have a conversation, you need to accept a friend request to make a connection on social media platforms…

Then I thought about it, and related it to life, and our relationships. In order to keep your friendships, family connections and relationship alive, you need to ‘connect’. You need to be in touch with them somehow or another in order to allow these relationships to flourish. You need to be on the same wavelength as some people in order to ‘connect’ with them. If your thoughts, sense of humour, lifestyles are too different, you might keep,losing that ‘connection’. And with friendships, and relationships, you need to take that first step, send that friend request, verbally, to make that ‘connection’.

I ‘connect’ with many people from all walks of life, from my family, both the elders and the younger, the friends from school, university, as well as those mum friends from the schoo, run, and my colleagues from work, and the children I work with too. I think I’ve been blessed with the type of personality, where I can be both traditional, yet modern, sophisticated, yet silly, mature, yet childish, serious yet fun. I have moulded to fit all sorts of different people, in order to connect with them. Amd I am happy to do so. If this is the way for me to keep connections alive, I’ll keep on doing it.

It’s not just connections with people, though, there are those connections with my culture and my religion. Yes, I am not a Punjabi suit wearing Indian gal on a day to day basis. But I speaks da lingo, I can wear the clothes with style, and I can proudly say that I can pass many cultural and religious lessons on to my kids, in order to keep this connection alive too.

Though sometimes I think I might ‘over-connect’ too, and then I struggle to keep up with these connections. After all people start to have expectations, and I hate to disappoint… This is a lesson I am learning now, and I am trying to make sure I keep the connections that really matter, strong, and crystal clear…. Those weak, losing signal connections though, I have realised that sometimes, it’s just better to ‘cut the call’ rather that redialling on repeat.  If they want to connect, maybe they can call me…or send me a friend request… And we can reconnect.

But I Smile Anyway...

I have Tumblerd! (after Twittering and Facing the Book!)

I have linked up with Tumblr now also.. goodness knows what that actually actually means. but if you’re on there, please do feel free to follow! I cannot get my head around it at the moment… how to comment etc, but I’m sure I’ll get there!

and if you haven’t already, and would like to, my Facebook page is up and running too!

And twittering away at
a a late add here thanks to my blog pal Tom! Google+ too!!
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