The Diagnosis…

Well you know I had a doctor’s appointment today…

It was the idea of Chris, to write the diagnosis in verse!

Chris… I hope this is ok!



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The Diagnosis
So I went to the doctor today
With a list of what I had to say
First shock of mine
I was seen on time
Looked like things were going my way!
* * *
Headaches the bane of my life
Constantly causing me strife
“It’s tension,” he said
Causing grief with my head
The joys of being working mother and wife!
* * *
Hayfever the next on my list
Tablets, eyedrops and nasal mist
To help me survive
The next month or five,
I think that you get my gist!
* * *
My heel has been ever so sore
Feel like I’ve been in a war
But it’s got a name,
Why I feel this pain
And now I can’t rhyme anymore!

And I still forgot to ask about my knee which has a reoccurring pain!

But the headaches, of which I have been betting many, appear to be tension based… I did ask the doctor whether I should tell Hubby Dearest that a day or two at a spa had been prescribed!

Hayfever, well that’s a bane of my life that had been there for many years. I have just learned to get on with things, as long as I have the right medications to hand!

My heel, now that’s a different matter.

I have what is known as Plantars Fasciitis. 


Every time I get up in the morning, and put my foot down, I get a shooting pain in my heel, and it is painful to put any pressure on it. Even massaging it hurts. To touch it is agony, but I have to keep on going, I can;t allow it to stop me moving around!

Apparently this condition is really common among women, especially as they get, ahem, older. (Drat, I’m getting old!!!) It;s to do with a band of tissue under the sole of the foot thickening apparently.

There are injections that can be had, but my doctor is not a fan.  He has given me some exercises and massages to do to see if I can ease the pain.

So there you have it, the results of my doctors visit!

I’m going now…

Dr Princess – Kids Logic Part 32

My poor Lil Man!
He came home from school yesterday, with a thumping  head ache, which was followed by a temperature…
He’s such a live wire normally so you totally know when he’s really not well…

He was tucked up in my bed, and there appeared Lil Dr Princess! Complete with her medical kit!

She did her own little check up and wrote him a treatment note, which I had to share with you!


Not very well 😦
T (tweezers?!) Wired (weird!)
Interesting swet ear (lovely! Sweaty ears!)
Bad head ake
You need rest

Bless her!!!!

But I Smile Anyway...

Well I Wasn’t Expecting That… 😐

It was an eventful week last week at school with Lil Man.
* a whack to the back of the head on Monday from a ‘friend’ at school
* a football in the chest, winding him on Tuesday
* a telling off from the deputy head for being a bit silly on Wednesday
* a swollen finger after basketball club on Thursday
* suspected it was broken on Friday, got it checked by a first aider, who suspected no breaks but extreme bruising…

Saturday, no football for him, but then Lil Princess complained of a heel hurting…
Inspected it, no splinters, but a lump. It hurt when she put pressure on it.

So I tried to ring the doctors on Monday for appointments for both… This is the 26th, yeah? An appointment suggested for the 13th Feb!
I managed to coax one for today, the 30th.

But they only booked Lil Princess. Its ok, our Doc is lovely, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind helping out by checking the other Lil one out too!
Well, we got there, he checked her heel, nothing he could see or do, apart from recommend a padded insole… Right…

Then I requested he check Lil Man who had a verruca that wasn’t going away… Ok, checked, then moved onto his finger, which had started swelling up again. He confirmed no break, but strained ligament, so to take care.

Dare I ask for more? He’d already seen one extra patient, and signed for a prescription for me… But I was concerned today, my thumb, fore finger and middle finger of my right hand have been feeling like they have pins and needles since late morning, or numbness…

And I left the surgery with the news I may have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
I’m to see how it goes for a few days and if no improvement, to return.
Best case scenario – it’s all ok
Or I need a splint hand strap
Failing that, injections…
Worst case scenario – an operation, on my right hand…

Told you, I wasn’t expecting that!!!

I came here for the kids, who came out with nothing major, and I came out with a possible diagnosis for a potentially debilitating condition!


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