#SoCS Jan. 6/18 – #JusJoJan Day 6 – Eco

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “eco.” Find a word that starts with “eco” or has “eco” in it, and base your post on that word. Have fun!


Well, I could have gone all safe and thought about eco-friendly things. We could have talked about recycling and saving the Earth… but no…

I thought I would try and find a few words with eco in them, and see what I could think of to write.

Meconium – for those of you not in the know, that is the name given to a baby’s first poop! It’s a strange black treacle-like substance that oozes out of that cute butt, and takes forever to scrape off!

Shuttlecock – My kids love playing badminton. Hubby Dearest played as a youngster and he got the kids involved in lessons for a while. It was great to see my son involved in a sport that was not ‘typical’ for his age. And he’s good at it! As a smaller than others kinda kid, he would get overlooked for certain team sports, even though he was good, like Football, but in badminton, he is his own entity and can take on the best of em! And Lil Princess enjoys it too. If there is an activity that gets her off her tablet for a while and involves her in physical activity, then I’m happy!

Decongestant – It surely is the time of the year for all those flu and cold remedies. At any one time from October to around March, at least one person in our family is suffering from the sniffles, a blocked nose or a cough. I’ve tried so many shop-bought decongestant medicines, but sometimes its the simple things like Viks that help, or my mother in law’s favourite, toasted ajwain seeds, wrapped in a hankie that you inhale the odour of!

Decorations – Mine are down now. They usually go down by the 1st Jan, because of our darling kitty. Sonu Singh has a field day in the tree, and I usually find baubles batted off the tree, and in all sorts of places. This year, the addition of my son thinking that the ornaments are great targets for his Nerf gun meant that I couldn’t wait to put the tree away! I have actually had to throw some things away this year because his over-zealous target practice has meant that some of the baubles have got dents in, or plain shattered! And yet, as I glance around the house I find things I’ve forgotten… Drat! Another trip up to the attic to put them away too!

Records – I mean the vinyl sorts. I was lucky enough to manage to unearth some classic vinyls that my parents had stashed away at home last year! It was like stepping back in time, finding gold dust, that was not just western music, but some old Bollywood soundtracks, and some Punjabi bhangra classics too! It’s just a shame that we can’t get the record player working!

Recorder – That was the first instrument I learned how to play! I still play a mean Polly Wolly Doodle, if I get my hands on a recorder today! It’s a shame hardly anyone knows the song!

There… I think I’ve streamed my consciousness enough to even satisfy my #JusJoJan goal too!!!


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