TJโ€™s Household Challenge – Flower and Simply


TJ’s prompt this week:

Flower & Simply

Focus your brain
Welcoming an idea
To simply flower

Ritu 2017


Focus your brain
Allowing an idea
To simply flower

Ritu 2017#

Two variations that Graeme suggested I showcase together, showing two focuses or focii!

Which one do you prefer?

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TJโ€™s Household Haiku – Full & Only

TJ is back with another set of great prompts, photographic and wordy!Viacar of Wakefield with illustrations by Hugh Thomson


Full & Only

Firstly TJ, I totally agree with you! The art of letter writing has waned, and it is such a shame! I try to encourage my children to write a letter or two once in a while, to their grandparents and uncle in Finland!

A couple of weeks ago, an envelope arrived for Lil Princess and she was ecstatic to receive a letter from her best friend who has moved to a different area of the country! She quickly wrote a reply back and is now awaiting a reply!

So the first Haiku is for her!

Full of the joy that
Only a letter can bring
A smile on her lips

Ritu 2017

The second inspired by the beautiful photo and letter opener.

Just a little slit
In a bulging envelope
True friendship is found

Ritu 2017

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TJโ€™s Household Haiku Challenge – Ancient & Weave

TJ has some great words and a beautiful photo for us again this week!

Gothic tracery at Salisbury Cathedral

Ancient & Weave

Here are my takes. The first using the photo and words. ย The second and third inspired by the words.

Look towards Heaven
Beautiful ancient carving
Woven to delight


The women of old
Weaving fabric to clothe all
Worked their fingers raw


Dreams of ancient souls
Voices weaving through my thoughts
Guiding me through life

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TJโ€™s Household Haiku – Arch & Tree

TJ has another lovely prompt for us this week. The words

Arch & Tree

and/or the photo below

Tree Cathedral

So, the photo gave me this…

Branches bent over
Inviting you to walk down
The aisle of nature

Ritu 2017

The words inspired this…

Image result for hema malini then and now

Hema Malini, 68, a great Bollywood actress, ageing with grace. Image from Google

The curve of your brow
Belying your true lifetime
Evergreen Beauty

Ritu 2017

And my sneezing gave me this!

Flu, Cold, Illness, Virus, Ill, Fever

Image from Pixabay

My true arch enemy
Causing grief in summer months
The pollen from trees!

Ritu 2017

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TJโ€™s Household Haiku โ€“ Water lilies

TJ is back with another Haiku Challenge. Click here to see!


Water lilies captured on our visit to Shorne Woods Country Park this summer.

Gorgeous white flowers
Illuminate a green sea
Water lilies bloom

Ritu 2016

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