Well how did that happen?!

1337 posts… That magic number that WP likes to celebrate, for some technical reason, I cannot fathom!  

So there you have it!

(By the way, it’s now 1338! 😊😉)

#TBT Throwback Thursday

As I creep closer to that milestone birthday… (Shhhhh! Four – oh!) it would be silly not to reminisce, and sat at home with my parents… Well that’s a perfect place!

A 6 month old Ritu!!!

Ritu hitting her first year!

Sweet sixteen!!!
Forget Educating Rita, I give you… Graduating Ritu…

Yes… All these pictures proudly displayed around the house!

Oh and a bridal Ritu too… A BIG milestone!!


And just in case you forgot… That’s the Ritu of the present! 😜

But I Smile Anyway...

Birthdays Birthdays! It’s all going mad here!

turning 10

As I wake this morning, I will be very aware that I am getting older…

This morning, my son, Lil Man, reaches his first big milestone age.  He’s hit double figures today, 10!

Where did that time go? How did that happen? Surely not??!!  But he’s my Lil Man!!! He is a little person truly, and doesn’t look like he should be 10, so it makes it even harder to comprehend!

10 son

I still feel like it was yesterday, when we were struggling to conceive, and then that day arrived when he couldn’t wait, and dive-bombed into our life 3 weeks earlier than expected!  It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions from then, but the biggest one is love, unconditional love for our Lil Man.


I love this little man so much, and he will be there, my Lil Man, forever and a day! Happy birthday son, your mummy, and daddy are so proud of you and love you so much!

Wait, it doesn’t finish there…

10 years ago, I managed to give my Mum the best present ever… something that I don’t think I could have even planned… you see the day my Lil Man dive-bombed into our lives was already my wonderful mum’s birthdate!  So, what a present we gave her that day!

mum bday poem

And truly, a heartfelt ‘Happy birthday’ to you too, my inspiration, and the mother I aspire to be like too! Love you to the moon and back mum!

mum mug

That’s my mum, a true vintage!

So please join me in wishing my Lil Man and mum a very happy birthday Peeps! I’ll eat cake on your behalf! 😛


Milestones, Milestones…!

Party going on in my Blogosphere!!!

Well, I have hit over 10,000 views!

How’d that happen?!!

And over 100 likes on my Facebook page…

Several of which aren’t my friends already, lol!!

Over 50 twits follow my Twitters too!

That’s kinda cool!!

A few more on Tumblr, Bloglovin and G+

I’m really milking the Social Media scene right now!!!

But the best thing, right now?
I’ve hit 400 followers here on WordPress!!!

Jeez really??! My rambling didn’t put y’all off reading yet?!

And 10,

(Count em!)

Yes 10 Award nominations!!!

I’m humbled, truly.
All the support, comments, likes, mentions and reblogs, help immensely and have revived this love of the written word that I had as a younger Ritu. 

Can I say a HUGE thank you to all those who have followed so far! I hope you’re enjoying the ride, as much as I’m enjoying driving the proverbial bus! And anyone else who’d like to join us, you don’t need a ticket, just click the follow button!

But I Smile Anyway...

My interactive peeps!

Peeps are reading in…

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