Christmas Cooking! Nutella Tree

I love checking out all the videos that pop up on my Facebook page, especially the ones to do with food!

Last week the same particular item popped up a couple of times, different videos but the same treat… Nutella Christmas Trees!

Well, it would be rude not to try that, especially during this most festive of times!

So I headed on out and bought me some Puff Pastry. I had the Nutella at home, as did I have icing sugar, and egg for the egg wash!

Here is my attempt!

I was pretty impressed!


And it didn’t last long either!

The kids loved it too!

There was quite a bit of excess pastry left, after cutting the triangular shape out so I made some chocolate filled croissants too! (So good for my diet… not!)


Unfortunately Lil Princess and Hubby Dearest were hit by a tummy bug last night so I had very little sleep. Still, I figured that I deserved a naughty breakfast after being up half the night, washing sheets, changing sheets and mopping sweaty brows!


Hope you get a chance to have a try, the end results of both were delicious! It would make a great sharing centrepiece for Christmas day!

I may even experiment with a savoury version one day!

A huge disappointment

Those of you who follow my blog know just how much I want some snow here, and it’s just not happening. Tuesday morning greeted me with a teeny tiny layer that dissipated within a couple of hours, so BOO! to that!
Yesterday was so promising! It was cold, we started with sleet and short flurries of the great white stuff! I played with my class outside in the afternoon, and we were accompanied by minuscule hailstones.
After school, on a visit to town with my two monsters, there were beautiful huge flakes falling…yay!
So I hoped, with some anticipation, that I would wake to at least some snow.
Did I? Did I heck!
There was none. Nothing. Nada.
Not even a speck of frost on my windscreen!
No fair!!!

And in other disappointing weekly news, Lil Man’s match, his first ever football match was cancelled (obviously not due to the weather!).training had been cancelled because of the ‘snow’ on Tuesday, and then his coach, our PE teacher at school, managed to give himself a head injury on Wednesday, due to a whiteboard with a mind of its own! So he was signed off, and that led to cancellation of match, and some very disappointed players…(but they were also concerned about the coach, honestly!)

So to make today feel better I’ll have a slightly naughty but yummy breakfast!


Tea and Nutella on toast, can’t beat it!
Happy Friday everyone!

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