April 2: Flash Fiction Challenge – Pizza

Charli’s Carrot Ranch fiction prompt!

April 2, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes pizza. It can be an original pizza pie (or slice) or something pizza-like. Go where the prompt leads!

Pizza Face

“Stuffed Your Face Pizza. Hmm, that’s an interesting name for the business, Marcus.”
Lorraine was flicking through the pile of newly printed flyers, ready to go out the next morning.
“Let’s just say it has meaning…”
“Well, I hope people stuff their face with your pizza, considering the loan we’ve take, against our home.”
“Oh, it’ll be worth it, all right.” Marcus spread moisturiser on his smooth skin as he thought back to school.
“Oi, Pizza Face! You’re stuffed!” 
Thankfully, the acne that plagued him then, was long gone, and his newest employee was one of the tormentors.

January 18 – Flash Fiction – Boots

Charli’s prompt this week:

January 18, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes boots. Whose boots are they, where do they go and what is their significance? Go where the prompt leads.

Hmmm… here’s where my mind went…

Big Boots
I watched him in awe, as he tossed the dough from side to side, stretching it expertly, before allowing it to come to rest on the large wooden spatula.
A thin layer of tomato sauce, Mama’s special recipe, and a sprinkling of mozzarella, before a sprig of basil was added, then off it went to bake.
And he was leaving.
Mama was devastated.
Antonio was off to travel the world, leaving the family pizzeria in my hands, and I’d never been anywhere near as good as him at making pizza.
He was leaving big boots for me to fill.

Then my mind continued to wander (wearing those boots)…

Never criticise a neighbour before walking a mile in his moccasins.
That’s what the proverb said.
Looking at the height of the heels on my neighbour’s boots, and the shiny patent leather, stretching all the way up to mid-thigh, I thought I’d rather not walk a metre, let along a mile.
Who am I to judge, anyway?
If Peter wants to spend his days being an accountant, trussed up in a suit and tie, and the evenings dressed up as Petra the pole-dancing drag queen, that’s his (or should it be her?) choice!
I’ll just stick to my trainers…


The Crow’s Egg – Movie Review

You know those days, when you aren’t well, and you sit there browsing the hundreds of channels, looking for something to watch. You’re tired of the boring repeats of sitcoms and cooking programmes, and all the other inane shows that are playing at that time.

Then something catches your eye, and you think you’ll give it a go… and it ends up being the best decision you made that day.

It happened to me today.

I had been reading, and my head was bursting with words I had read, so I switched on the TV. The kids were out, Hubby Dearest had gone to drop them to football training, and the house was silent.

And this film was playing. The Sky box gave me a prompt to start it at the beginning, and after reading the little info that you get on the screen, I thought “why not?”

This was how I discovered The Crow’s Egg, or Kaaka Muttai in Tamil.


A South Indian, tamil language (no, I can’t understand or speak Tamil, but the subtitles were great!) film about two young brothers who live in a Chennai slum with their mother and grandma, their father locked up in prison for an unknown crime, awaiting bail.


If you are expecting Slumdog Millionaire, there are a few similarities, like it is about two brothers, and they live in a slum. But it is a bit of a comedy, as well as a chance to view into the lives of the slum dwellers, and how they are viewed by the upper echelons of Indian society.

These two go daily to a tree, distract the crows, and then steal eggs, to ‘drink’ them. The family has no money spare so mum can’t afford to buy chickens eggs, so they figured this was the next best thing. They are known to all their friends as Crow’s Egg the Elder and Crow’s Egg the younger.

The land where their special tree is, gets sold to developers, so they, along with other slum friends, have nowhere to play.

As the days go by, a new pizza parlour is erected in this space, raising a lot of curiosity from the local children.

The film follows their journey to actually try and buy a pizza themselves. There are funny moments, cute moments, and some really sad moments within the film, showing how these innocent slum children are regarded by many.



Such a cute scene when the grandma tries to make them a pizza out of Dosa mix!

The boys are totally likeable. I found myself really willing them to get their pizza! Bless them, the things they did to earn money and scrape together 300 rupees to buy one! They didn’t want anyone’s pity, but fate lent a hand. How they got clean, new clothes… a classic scene!

Class and society divides, social media, poverty… only some of the issues covered in this light hearted film, but the message is delivered in a pleasing format.

I shan’t say too much more, if you are to watch the film, I don’t want to spoil the end, but you do end up hanging on to the edge of your seat, to see whether they ever get to try that elusive pizza!



It Never Goes Quite Right!


wp-1451262939423.pngYes yes, I know I’m not Jewish, but this kinda sums up yesterday and the food situation!

I was so excited to have our left-over pie, as I had posted about earlier in the day, and we went to my in-laws in the evening, to prepare and partake in the leftover feast.

Initially, Hubby had suggested take away, but as we had food to eat, that was not an option.

But, not feeling too hot herself, my sister-in-law said maybe takeout wasn’t a bad idea, as she didn’t have much energy to cook, and on top of that, there wasn’t much turkey left, as my brother-in-law had been nibbling at the leftovers anyway!

So we sat down and threw open the gauntlet. What did everyone want to eat? The kids chimed in with Pizza or Chinese… no one else said anything, so after 10 minutes of waiting, Sis-in-law went off to the kitchen.  “I thought we might as well use the stuff that is left then, since no one other than the kids are saying anything.”

Fair enough, I went back out to the masses and announced, “No Take out, we are having pie again!”  Then I rolled up my sleeves and got ready for doing some tandem cooking.

10 minutes into making up the filling, she found hair in there. Not a long strand, but small chopped up bits, that looked rather tightly curled… Ermmmm… a tad off-putting, I am sure you will agree… Guess what… the filling went in the bin!

So, back to the drawing board!

We made an executive decision, as no one else was helping, to order Chinese. The list was made, the number dialled, then I got the message that the place was closed for Boxing day! Great!

The next thought was KFC… This time I checked online. Apparently, they were open. I even rang them, but it went to a generic line…

We duly made the list again, then went out to buy it.

Guess what? CLOSED!!!

Along with the Pizza Hut takeaway, another Chinese and two Indian takeaways on the same road!

Dang! What were we going to do?  Then we spotted it… Papa John’s Pizza! A light shining, delivery bikes speeding off, and people picking up orders!

Finally we could order food!

We did, and eventually got home with something totally different to what we had set out to eat!

So, so much for left over pie, we had Boxing Day Pizza! What a pallaver!



And today, after a long journey to my sis-in-law’s family, I trekked a further 2 hours to my parents! So I can spend a couple of days with my Pops and Mum, and the kids will get thoroughly spoiled!

It is 1AM… I am getting much to old to still be awake this side of Midnight, unless a child is being sick! So after my regaling you all with my foody fun and games yesterday, I am now off to bed!

Nighty Night Peeps!

Day out with my babies!

We needed to keep the kids quiet…
Not an easy task, when its the summer holidays, and Hubby Dearest works from home, requiring quiet at times, while he takes calls…
So, I took em out for lunch and the afternoon!
Pizza Express… Yummy!


And pudding!


A stuffed me!


Then we took a walk near the pond.


Lily pads




Someone came to say hello too!
The kids went home full, with a carrier bag containing a toy they wanted, paid for by their pocket money, and even got 2 hours at the park thrown in too! Think it was a good day!

But I Smile Anyway...

My interactive peeps!

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