#SoCS September 15/18 – Post

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “post.” Use it as a word, or find a word that uses it as a prefix. Have fun!

Ah, come on, Linda!

I’m a blogger and writer!

The first thing that comes to mind is a blog post!

And I feel that I should write this post, posthaste, since I have read the prompt!

I believe blogging is an art form in itself, and that every post is special, and should invoke some kind of reaction or emotion within the reader.

Be it a poem, or a story, informative or informal, that post needs to allow readers to engage.

I do hope that when someone reads my blog, they enjoy the ramblings of Ritu’s mind, not think my writing too preposterous, and that maybe posthumously, I’ll still be remembered if someone finds my blog.

And there you have it! A true Stream of Consciousness post!

Catch ya later Peeps! Happy Saturday!


My Loopy Family! #ThrowbackThursday


You know about my immediate family, parents, siblings, Hubby Dearest, children and my in-laws, but I have yet to introduce my full on family!
I come from a pretty run of the mill Indian family, where the extended family is as much a part of your life as your nuclear family.
Our background is that my ancestors moved from India way back in the day, and settled in Kenya, in East Africa. Both my parents were born there, and after marriage moved here to the UK where my brother and I were born.
Mum’s side was mostly in Kenya, and at a later date, some moved to Australia, but we grew up together, even though we were in different countries. Through letters and visits yearly, my cousins and I forged a great bond. Being similar ages, we gelled perfectly, and enjoyed many summers together in Kenya. My two uncles and their wife’s, my aunts, as well,as my grand parents, doted on my brother and me. I was the oldest grandchild this side, and felt a great responsibility to be a good example.
Pretty simple family, 3 cousins there, all similar to us, we got on great!
Then we turn to my Pops family… Now I hasten to add, there is NOTHING wrong with my dads side, there are just a heck of a lot of them!!
I always knew from the beginning , that my dad had a brother, who had 5 kids. They lived back in Kenya, and were older than us, the youngest being 5 years older than me. On this side, I was the youngest grand daughter. We would go every summer and share our time with both sides of the family, forging bonds.
One year at school, I was asked to make a family tree. We drew my mum’s side and as I drew dad’s he looked at it, and looked at me, confused. “What about my sisters? Your aunts?” Huh? Somehow, even though I knew those people very well, and called them ‘Bhuaji’ which means father’s sister, it hadn’t clicked that they were actually my Pops sisters!
You see, in Indian culture it is the norm to address any elder as aunt or uncle, or grandma and grandad, it’s a sign of respect.
Suddenly, as he drew my real family tree, requesting extra sheets of paper, as there was not enough space, my mind was opened up to a whole new dimension of family! I went from having a perfectly respectable 7 first cousins (another on my mum’s side arrived after this event!) to 29!!!!!!! “What the..!?!?!” As Lil Man would say! So Pops actually had 1 brother and 4 sisters, and a surrogate sister, who was so close to Pops, that we need to count her too. (And she had a further 8 kids, so, theoretically you could say my first cousin count was actually, 37!!)
He was the youngest too, which opened up another revelation to me. He had been born after his eldest sister had already married and borne 2 children! This means that many of my first cousins were my fathers age, and married with their own kids when my dad married, and had us!
So, again, culturally, we don’t do all this second, third cousins, let alone the once or twice removed malarkey! If your aunt or uncle has a child they are your cousins, yes, but you address them as brother or sister. Hence when they have kids you now have nephews and nieces. This meant that I was born an aunty to several children already, and over the years, as you can imagine, to many more…scarier still, as they got married and had kids, my qualification increased again… No, no great aunts and uncles here, straight to grand ma status! Yes seriously!!
In fact, if you go a layer further in my family, I was even a great grandma! (Lovingly called GGM and since… there has been more babies and I am now a GGGM!)
I always remember going on a family jolly to Blackpool for the day, and my 40 year old ahem, grandson, with can of beer in hand, stopped the traffic, saying his grandma needs to cross the road. And sauntering along came…me!!
Yes, a colourful bunch we are here! Weddings and functions galore, and where there are people and weddings there would be reproduction, so the family just got bigger and bigger! And crazier and crazier too! We are a bit of a mad bunch, our family get togethers, though few and far between nowadays, are always most memorable, with singing and dancing, and great food!
Alongside the joys of a big family, there are equally that many more people to say goodbye too as well. Sadly, death has played a part in our lives from an early age, but we have learned to accept death for what it is, and though we always feel great sorrow when someone dies, we accept it as God’s will.

Getting married was just going to increase the numbers, wasn’t it? But Hubby Dearest’s family was a little more controlled with a grand total of 6 first cousins, all born close enough to each other so you don’t have the ‘interesting’ mishmash of relationships my side has! I had to start tutoring Hubby Dearest when we were dating, if he had any hope
of understanding our family tree by the time we were to get married!
But, as I said we are a crazy bunch, any excuse for a party, fancy dress, music, dancing. And not all Indian families are like that… He flatly told me before the wedding, and subsequently, before every function we go to, “Ritu, I am NOT dressing up, ok!!”
That’s ok I guess, there are enough loons without adding another one, though secretly when he is there, you can see him loosening up, and enjoying himself! One day…. One day, I’ll get him fully involved!

So there you have it. A potted history of my little but large family!

To Dye Or Not To Dye

I sat here agonising this morning. I looked in the mirror and was greeted with the ‘Roots From Hell‘!!!!

Ok, ok, they aren’t really that bad, in fact for anyone else, unless you came up close and inspected, you wouldn’t even notice!

But for me, I can see them, they are practically waving at me saying “Hi! remember us!  We are your original hair colour!!! And we have the all new white in here too!!!”

As an Indian, my hair is naturally very dark, and though I never wanted to go the polar opposite, I’ve experimented with all manner of styles, from high lights to low lights, various shades of browns, coppers, all sorts, in the name of fashion, and ‘looking good’.  I remember once asking for some chunky high lights, you know. flashes of colour as your hair moves.  Well, I came home to a 1 year old Little Man who sat and stared at me in wonder for ages.  Why was he looking at me like that?  Well, when I checked in the mirror, what hadn’t been glaringly obvious in the salon or coming home as it was a late evening, and dark, was that the lovely hairdresser had given me fine, not chunky, blonde highlights all over, and I actually did look ‘blonde’! No wonder he was looking at me strangely!  I hated it, and went back the next day to get it all toned down!

Then necessity set in.  Years of experimenting, and then I noticed the white strands peeking out from my mop.  Only the odd one, and with my curls, quite hard to see. But that was the problem. I had seen!  OMG!!! I was getting white hair!  Oh woe is me!!!! Where did they come from???  I got all the oldies in the family saying it was my fault. I shouldn’t have messed with my perfectly lovely (but boring) natural hair.  Was it?  Should I have not touched my hair? Oh well, no point in lamenting now. It’s not like I can go back in time!

So now, it is a case of I have to, rather than I want to.  I am the expert in home colour (why spend upwards of £60 for a block colour, when you can do it yourself for a tenner?!).  But it does creep up on me, everytime! For a few weeks things look great, then I start to see this band of very dark hair at my forehead, peppered with white (yes there is more now!) and I need to get the colour out and go back to my lovely chocolate brown instead!

My mum used to dye regularly to disguise the white, and then The Change set in and her every changing crazy hormones decided that they no longer liked dye.  Instead she would wake up to black or brown stained pillow cases every morning, as the sweats kicked in and after replacing a huge amount of bed linen, she gave up.  My Pops was happy, he wasn’t one for cosmetic beauty, he likes the natural look, and they are both growing older gracefully, with their salt and pepper locks (and beard in my Pop’s case!) and it suits them both too.

My MIL went white overnight in her 30’s due to some family stress, I am told. She wasn’t allowed to stay her natural lighter colour, it would make her look too old, so she has been dying and re-rooting every week for nearly 30 years. When I got married it was a very stark jet black she was using, so I did the daughter thing and helped her find a kinder shade, I mean if she was gonna have to do this, at least find something flattering. She’s an attractive lady, and the black was quite scary, if I’m honest! So for her, still a necessity but she looks lovely.  I do ask when she will stop, I mean FIL is a steel grey now, they could do the graceful thing too, but I think that is still a step too much!

Back to me and mine now.  My Hubby Dearest is known as the ‘silver Fox’ He looks gorgeous with his specks of white in his beard and hair, but he asks whether he should cover it. I tell him every time that he looks amazing as he is, and no he should stay as he is, so why can’t I take my own advice?  Gosh, life would be so much easier if I wasn’t worried about these silly things. Hubby Dearest says the same to me too, when I go to dye, he looks at me and rolls his eyes. but he knows I wont stop just yet.

I mean, a couple of years ago, I found my first white EYEBROW hair! Really??!! No, that’s not good! isn’t that just a step away from old lady whiskers???  Good God… does that mean the dreaded white will also be due to hit ‘down there’??!!!

So, I’ve done my duty tonight, I have revived my hair again, feeling good, and I think I need to stick to growing older dis-gracefully for a while longer!

How long is too long?

OK, get you minds outta the
gutters folks, I’m not talking about ‘that’ kinda length!!
Just advice wanted really…
How long is too long with regards to a post?
If I’d like to trial some of my fiction on you lovely readers, how much is a good length to post??
Thanks in advance folks! 🙂

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