Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 37: My Star

Ronovan’s Decima Challenge:

Star in the C line

Dedicated to my dear aunt who we said farewell to on Monday. 
 My Star

 No longer are you there to see
 Your smiling face just isn’t there
 And gentle eyes that show you care
 I miss you my dear Bhuaa-ji
 But you haven’t abandoned me
 Twinkle, oh, twinkle, little star
 Looking up, I know where you are
 When I need you, I’ll look above
 And know you shower me with love
 That thought will help to heal the scar 

Ritu 2020
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Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 36: That Covid Gift

Ronovan’s Decima Challenge”

GIFT in the B rhyme line (ABBA/ACCDDC )

That Covid Gift
 It’s not how it was meant to be
 Wasn’t expecting this Christmas gift
 Celebrations cut short, so swift
 Our bubble burst at school, you see
 Now self-isolation for me
 We thought we’d last just one more day
 Now, I just pray my friend’s okay
 Holidays for kids start tonight
 Oh, government, where’s your hindsight?
 Just close school early… We did say… 
Ritu 2020

My Decima is written tonight, in sheer desperation. We were due to finish term tomorrow, half day for the kids, and after tidying up, us getting home early. Instead, we’ve spent the best part of the evening having to arrange for the school to be closed tomorrow, due to a positive test in one of the staff members. She had a Rapid Swab test with gives results within an hour, but it also says that it isn’t fully accurate, so you have to isolate for at least 48 hours and get a proper test done.

All contacts have to self-isolate too, for 48 hours, and if the next test is positive, for 10 days in total. I was a contact for that poor girl, which means self-isolation now, and because the Government wasn’t willing to bend on the suggestions that schools go online for the last week, to spare families this stress, just before Christmas, we may not even be able to see our family on Christmas day… I am so frustrated with the whole situation.

And that’s not all. They, (that stupid Government), have issued newe guidelines for starting back to school in January, different to what all secondary schools were advised before finishing, and now this… Oh, and the plan to get every secondary school pupil and staff tested regularly after they come back, with the rapid swab tests that aren’t even that accurate… (but the schools are expected to train staff up to do the tests… because we have all the extra staff in the world, out there…)

What is a break? School staff won’t be getting one.

Instead, we will either be in isolation, or dessperately trying to piece together the ridiculous advice sent by the Government, and DfE,then we will walk back into schools, dealing with the aftermath of the open ‘Christmas’ celebrations, that the goverment are so keen for everyone to have (except those in isolation, which could be most of the population…)

Sorry. Off my frustrated soap box now. Just wish me well. I do not want this virus. And gete well vibes for my colleague too, please.

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Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 35: Knock

Ronovan’s Decima Challenge: (KNOCK) in the A rhyme line.

 Do You Believe?

 Shhh! Quiet. Did you hear that knock?
 Do you really think that he’s here?
 If I look, will he disappear?
 I don’t want to give him a shock
 Yes, I believe, though my friends mock
 They laugh at me, but they don’t know
 He’s the real reason for my glow
 While others wait, on Christmas eve
 I dream, each night, and I believe
 That Santa Claus, well, he’s my beau!

Ritu 2020
Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Lights
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Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 34: Nativity

Ronovan’s Decima Challenge: Use Stable in the D rhyme line.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image
 Mary and Joseph made their way
 She on a donkey, him by foot
 He felt that they should just stay put
 But listened to what He had to say
 Weary Mary began to pray
 The pressure told her time was nigh
 She needed somewhere she could lie
 Late they arrived at the stable
 Held on ‘til she was unable
 The night pierced by a baby’s cry 

Ritu 2020

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