Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 35: Knock

Ronovan’s Decima Challenge: (KNOCK) in the A rhyme line.

 Do You Believe?

 Shhh! Quiet. Did you hear that knock?
 Do you really think that he’s here?
 If I look, will he disappear?
 I don’t want to give him a shock
 Yes, I believe, though my friends mock
 They laugh at me, but they don’t know
 He’s the real reason for my glow
 While others wait, on Christmas eve
 I dream, each night, and I believe
 That Santa Claus, well, he’s my beau!

Ritu 2020
Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Lights
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Knock #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week:

“You do it!” Pete whispered.
“No, you do it!” Tom replied.
“Oh for goodness sake, I’ll do it!” Jake pushed himself forward. These other two were a total bunch of chickens!
The three of them had been messing around in the woods behind the park, and they had ventured a little further afield than before, and managed to get a little lost.
As they wound their way around, trying to retrace their steps, the boys managed to go deeper rather than get closer to the park again.
The darkness was starting to fall. It was already late when they decided to go into the woods, and now, as the trees started to take on a sinister look, they realised they were in trouble.
Tom took out his phone to call home, but the signal was nil. The same with Pete’s and Jake’s phone. At least they could use the phones as torches.
As they slowly ventured through the eerie trees, they spotted a small wooden building It was like a little grey-stoned house,with an old wooden door, and there was light coming from a window. A plume of smoke drifted out of a chimney pot.
They stumbled over roots to get to this door. Surely there was someone there to help them.
The closer they got, the more apparent it was that this was no ordinary house. The pathway up to the door seemed to be lined with bones, but with the reducing light they couldn’t be sure…
Tom and Pete began to panic, and wanted to step back. This was where Jake stepped up.
He raised his hand and hesitated before taking the rather creepy looking knocker in his hand and banging it cautiously.
It seemed an age before heavy footsteps were heard, and the door slowly creaked open…


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