Books – SoCS June 4/16

Linda’s SoCS prompt this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “book.” Use any meaning of the word as your theme, or simply mention the word “book” in your post. Enjoy!

I love books.
My collection of children’s books is pretty extensive.
It started before I even had kids of my own to be honest, as I have always had the Teacher hat on, and if I saw a book that looked fun, I bought it.
My mum is the same, but her shelves were full of Danielle Steele, and Catherine Cookson, and nowadays, any family sagas, and war time home front stories.
She bought us books too, so when I became a mother, she presented me with a small collection of books saved from when I was a little girl, and the joy at seeing my own kids reading books I read as a child is immense.
My wish would be to have a room that I could call my library, and be able to store all my books… but alas, I don’t have that luxury, so as I read physical books, I end up passing them on to friends, or my mum, and only keep a select few.
In fact this is why I decided to get a Kindle, or I should say I was gifted it! I have a wealth of literature at my fingertips, and I don’t need lots of space!
It isn’t the same as a real book in my hand, that feeling cannot be replaced with an electronic device, but at least I can still read!
But I will not be parted from my children’s books!
The bookcase in the children’s room is sagging at every level. 5 shelves jam packed with books, and piles in front of it too!
I have two other bookcases. One is full of teaching resource books, and the other, partly fiction, and even more resource books. Some of these books are obsolete, and I should get rid/sell them, or do something, but I just can’t!
I struggle to walk past a bookshop… the smell of new books, those unbroken spines… thousands of words waiting to be read… but I have to be strong… and if I slip, and find myself inside, I allow myself a little peak, a sniff… then I walk out with a new list of books to buy!!!


I do whitter on… don’t I!!!


19 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laura
    Jun 06, 2016 @ 21:02:05

    Bookstores. The only shopping I can happily do for 5 hour stints at a time. I can get lost in a good bookstore!

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  2. stevetanham
    Jun 04, 2016 @ 18:45:00

    And no…you don’t witter on, you write lovely stuff from the heart!

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  3. brookziegirl1
    Jun 04, 2016 @ 11:08:34

    Yes! It’s so tough for me to walk by a book store. Now I have a Kindle. It feeds my addiction with a click.

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  4. Bee Halton
    Jun 04, 2016 @ 10:55:28

    Ah, I am so with you in this one. I have a Kindle too because I love to read Indie authors and most of them publish on Kindle. But you just can’t get the same experience like holding a proper book in your hands. And I always wanted a library too. In our new house (if we ever get it that is) there is a little front room and (Jeremy Clarkson voice) the best husband in the world suggested to make it into our library as he has lots of gardening books and the kids love books too. If we ever get there I write a post about it and show pictures :-).

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  5. vanbytheriver
    Jun 04, 2016 @ 10:35:12

    Whitter away, Ritu. We all get it. 📚❤️ 📚❤️ 📚

    Books and photographs…will be the last to go in my house.

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  6. Erika Kind
    Jun 04, 2016 @ 08:42:17

    Hmm…. there is another thought that came to my mind regarding you and books ….. soon you might have your own on your shelf, a new relationship you develop with books 😉

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  7. Miriam
    Jun 04, 2016 @ 06:11:01

    I share your love of books. When I was a kid there was nothing I loved more than when my mum bought me a new book.

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