Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 322 – Declutter Your Mind


“If it’s out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind, too.”

Ivan Nuru

Thank you, Spidey, for the thought provoking quote, this week.

Going through all this house decluttering, in readiness for whenever we do move, has made me ponder upon the amount of emotional baggage we carry around with us, too.

Now, emotional baggage is different to memories.

Memories are those things that can be the light in a dark time – but, I know the opposite can happen with less favourable memories. (I try and lock them away as far away as I can, so they can’t impact upon my life too easily.

They can also be thought of as emotional baggage, along with those thoughts that can cloud our minds about issues we are unable to do anything about.

Sometimes, precious emotional energy, and mental strength is used up on things that are out of our hands, or not destined to be in our paths, at that time.

Let them go.

I’m not saying forget about everything that is hard, or issues around the world that you are not necessarily immediately affected by.


Empathy is needed there, and if you are in the position to, then support by all means.

But, it’s that worry about things you can do nothing about.

Take a house move, for instance. I think, if you are familiar with moving, you’ll know what I mean. Once things are in the hands of the solicitors, aside from the chivvying along that we can do, there is nothing else, but to wait for all the dates to align… Sitting there, fretting, is not going to move things any quicker, is it?

Or, again, a little example from my own work life – I have to stop myself worrying about next academic year, and the children who will be joining us. I am already aware of the high level of Special Needs that are destined in our class, but I can do nothing about it. Worrying will not magic the need away. I have a current class with enough to keep my mind filled with stress! At least, I can be prepared for any eventuality… but for now, I’ve freed those thoughts from my mind.

I’m generally pretty good at identifying the things that it is no point in losing sleep over, but I live with people who have a hard time doing this, and stress eats away at them. No amount of my trying to convince them to try and relax actually gets them to let go. This is probably more frustrating for me!

So, tell me, are you able to let go of the things you hold no control over?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.   

30 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rae Longest
    May 11, 2021 @ 22:20:12

    I always heard, “let go and let God…” I can do this in most cases (I tell myself, “It is in God’s hands.”), but then I grab “it” back, snatch it out of God’s hands and worry “It” like a dog with a rag toy. What does this say about my lack of faith, I wonder?

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  2. bookstopen
    May 09, 2021 @ 21:51:33

    It’s good advice, Ritu. And especially when it comes to kids growing up, though it’s hard not to worry. I work at it, though!

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  3. syl65
    May 09, 2021 @ 17:32:50

    It’s a process but it can be done and when we learn to do it consistently, life is even more breathable.

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  4. johnrieber
    May 09, 2021 @ 17:26:30

    It’s much easier said than done, but it has such a positive impact on your life going forward, doesn’t it?

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  5. thereluctantpoet
    May 09, 2021 @ 15:20:27

    Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet.

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  6. Jennie
    May 09, 2021 @ 13:21:41

    The quote is fabulous! I thing with age and life experiences it seems to become a little easier.

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  7. Keith
    May 09, 2021 @ 12:53:09

    Ritu, this is my favorite passage from your post.

    “Sometimes, precious emotional energy, and mental strength is used up on things that are out of our hands, or not destined to be in our paths, at that time.”

    I am guilty of putting on my Don Quixote armor and chasing a few windmills. Someone sent me the Serenity Prayer to aid in my struggle to let things go. Keith

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  8. OIKOS™-Editorial
    May 09, 2021 @ 12:11:27

    Decluttering is very difficult for me too. Hardly have I thrown something away or “disposed of” it in some other way than I could still have used it. 😉 Most of the time it is bought again and the decision-making comes back a year later. Lol Michael

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  9. Marje @ Kyrosmagica
    May 09, 2021 @ 11:59:03

    I’m a bit of a hoarder so I find decluttering very difficult! Lol. But, we will have to get grips with this as in the future we will be moving to a smaller house. No point having this big house now with just me and David. Both girls have flown the nest!

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  10. April Munday
    May 09, 2021 @ 10:43:12

    I’m better than I used to be about not worrying about the things I have no control over, but I’ve still got a long way to go.

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  11. Ananda
    May 09, 2021 @ 08:48:09

    As Jiddu Krishnamurthi said, ‘You see, Idon’t mind what happens’. That lies at the heart of inner freedom

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  12. Books & Bonsai
    May 09, 2021 @ 07:43:21

    This was a hard lesson to learn, but when you get past 70, it seems to get easier!

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  13. Shivangi
    May 09, 2021 @ 05:00:57

    Wonderful quote👍👏

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