Chai And A Chat #227 #ChaiAndAChat

Hello there! I am rather cold. Is it definitely Spring?

Have you got your drink?

  • If we were having chai, I’d start by telling you that the beginning of the week was a total wipeout. I ended up with a stomach bug, as did Lil Princess, and I was out of school for two days. Still wasn’t 100%, but I was back in on Wednesday, and then we had big snow! 5 inches! Lil Princess was in for one day, then off again as the bug hadn’t cleared for her, but back on Friday.
  • If we were having chai, I’d tell you that because of the snow, one of my teachers was unable to get in, even though where our school is had barely any. That meant I was in class rather than taking my management time, which threw me off totally! Still, we got through the rest of the week, relatively unscathed!
  • If we were having chai, I’d say that it was International Women’s Day on Wednesday, but every day I celebrate the strong women in my life ❤
  • If we were having chai, I’d mention that we had a little celebration on Friday. Some good news for Hubby Dearest, which meant a little bubbly and some pizza, which Sonu Singh tried hard to keep warm for us!
  • If we were having chai, I’d brag about my rather perfect poached eggs on Sunday! I’m still reading plenty but a good meal is important, too!
  • If we were having chai, I’d put it out there that I am looking for personal experiences as I research for my next book… If you can, I’d love you to share the post below, or even comment here if you have anything. to give me…
  • If we were having chai, I would give you another snippet of Sonu Singh! Here he is, just chilling, as you do… staring out into the garden. You can tell when it’s a warmer day, because he lounges in the conservatory. When it is cold, that place is like an ice box!
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This week, there is still plenty on at school, from a STEM day, to Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. I have more observations to do, as the ones last week got cancelled due to the snow! There are also another two strike days to get through, and we end the week with Mother’s Day!

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Spidey’s Serene Sunday #418 – Destiny or Fate

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.”

John Lennon

What a thought to ponder upon, Spidey.

I’ve been going through a lot of ups and downs in my life.

Not necessarily directly about me, but 100% affecting my life.

I keep going, as I do, but it doesn’t mean that I am not finding things tough.

Still, certain events happen which make you realise that sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you try to do to change the course of your destiny, somehow you will always end up where you were meant to be.

It feels a bit like this, right now, for me. Things are falling into place in certain areas. Some places are still a bit wobbly, in life, but what feels like an eternity, has passed and there looks to be a bit of stability where there was none.

And I believe it was meant to be.

So, Peeps, do you believe in destiny or fate? 😊

#SoCS Mar. 11, 2023 – The M Words

Linda’s SoCS prompt…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “mat/met/mitt/mot/mutt.” Choose one or use them all, any way you’d like in your post. Have fun!

I pulled my mitts on tight as the cold wind blew, on my way to pick up the car after its MOT, where I met a mutt with matted fur.

Sorry. Stupid but BOOM!!!!

One-Liner Wednesday – Proud As Punch! #InternationalWomansDay

“As a parent, you can dread your child’s Parent’s Evenings, but the one I just had has left me with a huge smile – she did good!”

Ritu Bhathal

It is International Woman’s Day, and I am proud to have given birth to a girl growing into the most amazing young woman. She has faced struggles and is coping with things many of us wouldn’t even think of, and hearing the way her teachers spoke about her at her Parent’s Evening, brought tears to my eyes, and I want to celebrate the Woman she is becoming. Love you, Lil Princess! 🥰

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds

Chai And A Chat #226 #ChaiAndAChat

Hello there! Can you believe we are in March now??

Have you got your drink?

  • If we were having chai, I’d start by sitting here, wondering. What did I do last week? I know it was busy, but I am having a serious case of brain fog… Aah, yes, I remember… I mean, how could I forget? School was JAM PACKED with so much stuff this week, including that observation I was dreading! And… it went really well! You know, it’s not that I doubt myself as a teacher, but when you are passionate about something, you always feel nerves. It’s the same with waiting to hear what readers think of my books, posts, or any content I post. Guess my calendar message helped me think positively too!
  • If we were having chai, I’d tell you that we had World Book Day on Thursday amidst the teacher strikes. We, as a staff, all dressed up as Where’s Wally, and we also had a workshop with children’s author and illustrator Fabi Santiago, which was fun. It was a different day, which threw the children we teach a bit, as they thrive on routine. However, it is good for them to experience different things! One of my colleagues was on a course on Friday which meant my team were juggling extra responsibility, but they are ace, so things went pretty smoothly…
  • If we were having chai, I’d say that I was a little excited that my book baby, Marriage Unarranged reached over 200 ratings/reviews on Amazon, too, which was a real boost, as I have been flagging, energy wise the last few weeks… but Thank you to anyone who has read and reviewed it!
  • If we were having chai, I’d mention that It is also sneaking into Cricket season, so that means winter indoor nets have started up again. the location is around half an hour away, and with the current economic situation, it is not wise driving back and forth, wasting fuel, so I use the time if I am taking him, to catch up on reading or writing notes for book 3! I finished reading Daisy Jones & The Six, as I really wanted to watch the Amazon Prime Series, but I hate to see things that I know are books before I have actually read it. FYI, enjoyed the book, and have started the series. Binged all three episodes available now, and can’t wait for Friday when three more will be released!
  • If we were having chai, I’d put it out there, that I am trying to write more. I sit at my desk, when I have the energy, but the words aren’t quite flowing, yet… still, I made a new screen background. Do you like it? #procrastinationqueen!
  • If we were having chai, I would give you a snippet of Sonu Singh! He’s been hiding away this weekend a bit. Actually, he really missed Lil Man, who had been away in Paris. (Eurodisney, for a business conference as a part of his A-Leve Business Studies, but he said it was BORING! I would have given my left arm to go anywhere Disney, and sat through three hours of seminars, in order to have a day in the park, but what can you do with teenage boys?) Anyway, Sonu loves sleeping with Lil Man, on his bed. They have the most precious bond. The first day he was back. Sonu gave him he silent treatment, and then he wouldn’t leave him alone after. So much so that he didn’t even come and sit with me like he usually does! But that was rectified on Sunday afternoon where he joined me as I watched Daisy Jones & The Six, giving me a cat massage before falling asleep on my lap. I do love my cat cuddles, when I get them!
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This week, we have another up-and-down week at school with workshops, observations (this time, I am observing), as well as staff out and a late evening training night. Home-wise, I have Lil Princess’s parents’ evening to look forward to (I think!)

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