Anticipation… #ThrowbackThursday

Reposting this in honour of the little bundle who I was waiting for three years ago!
Happy 3rd Birthday to my gorgeous nephew!

… or in other words, waiting…


It’s a great thing, isn’t it?  You could be on the edge of your  seat, eagerly willing your team to win the game you’re watching on TV, counting the days until that special holiday, nerves jangling, watching your wedding day come nearer… and the countdown to that wondrous day that is oh so close now, Christmas!

Similarly, you may be dreading something, in anticipation of that God-awful dentist appointment… maybe results day is looming!  Or waiting for those unwanted visitors to come and go…

Either way, your adrenalin is up!

In precisely this way, I have been in anticipation of something oh so special!  Pacing rooms, trying to keep busy.. there’s only so much shopping/laundry/cleaning etc. that I could do, to keep my mind off it!  Phone attached to my hand permanently, checking my messages on the minute, sometimes even more!

Oh hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…and finally! The news we have been waiting for! My brother dearest and my gorgeous sister-in – law have delivered our Christmas present early! I am now a very proud aunt to my first proper nephew!!!!


They are not in the same country as we are so I will have another bout of waiting now, as to when we can see that gorgeous bundle of love, but now my brother dearest can show his skills, learned from our precious Pops, and become the brilliant father that I know he will be!

Looking forward to cuddles with my Finnjabi (Finnish yummy mummy, Punjabi doting daddy!) nephew ASAP!!!


My precious Pops!

A re post of one of my first few posts.

Oh I do love my Pops 💗


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Well, since I wrote about my marvellous mum, it would be totally awful of me not to mention my wonderful father, Papa, we called him when I was younger, it’s now morphed to Pops!

Dads are those men upon whom you end up judging pretty much every male in your life, and anyone coming into my life had a hard act to follow…
(So I totally lucked out with my gorgeous, kind, sensitive other half… More on him another post😁!)

The youngest of a huge brood of children, countless nephews and nieces, (some of whom were even older than him!) it’s tough in a big family, being able to stand out, but you know what he did it!

He qualified as a dentist, and gave up much of his own time to make sure his elderly patients were ok, visiting them at lunchtimes to save them having to come out, being caring with child patients, he even had one gentleman who came every two years from Canada as he loved Dad so much! (And I’ll proudly say, he never converted to private practice!!! NHS all the way!!)

His great rhythm, and love of music got him dancing, and to this day, he wows us all with his Bhangra moves! “While I’m dancing, I forget my age, I feel 21 again, then I watch a video of the event and see an old man!” No Pops, you are not an old man, age ain’t nothing but a number!!
And that rhythm flows within our family blood, so when there’s a big gathering of our tribe, we really know how to party!

Pops has been the most amazing dad, seriously though…
He lost his own father at a precious young age, and I know he missed that influence, so he was determined to be the best father he could be to us kids.
And you know what, he was, and very much still is.

From the material things we wanted, holidays, clothes, to the most important thing, time and affection, he has always been there… Even now, there’s nothing a hug from Pops can’t make go away!

He’s been a terrific taxi service for us all, ferrying brother dearest to numerous sporting events over the years, every weekend, dropping and picking us up from university, and even when I had my children, 6 hour round trips to pick me up, so I could spend time back at ‘home’.
And he still hasn’t stopped, ok there may be more stopovers involved, but for a 70 year old, I don’t think that’s bad, do you?

He’s always been so giving, and always has time for everyone. I’ll be honest, when I was younger, sometimes I used to wonder why are we going here and there to various peoples houses or functions, let’s just have time as a family, why, just because so and so called, are you rushing here and there? But now as an adult, I’ve realised that, you know what, that’s just my Pops. And I wouldn’t change him for anything!

That’s one of his most amazing qualities, being there for everyone, come hell or high water. It’s testament to him, how many people proudly call him Nanaji, or Baba, and still come to him for advice, in our family, and from outside. Since he retired, he’s taken it a step further, and is now teaching healing Yoga to many people, and reaching the masses with his own TV show… And he doesn’t get paid… This is his giving back to the world, as he feels so blessed to have what he has been given in life.

He’s been a most amazing role model for brother dearest, and as said brother is about to embark on first time fatherhood, I can say with the greatest confidence, that he will also be a most amazing Pops too!!

It would be a mistake to emit the fact that he is a most loving grandfather (Nanu) to my two monkeys, and as I mentioned before, he will be a granddaddy to 3 soon!

So, thanks Pops, love you to the moon and back, and even more on top!
Your thinking has shaped mine, and I hope that even if I have half the qualities you possess, I will be a great human being also!💗

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My two, erm, Angels!


Let me introduce my son, 9 year old, Lil Man, and Brat, no sorry, Lil Princess, my 6-going-16 year old daughter.

It took a little while to become parents, due to some health issues, but once we got there, its been a crazy ride, from smooth sailing, to rocky road rollercoasters, but hey, I guess that’s just called parenthood!  Lil Man is a dude in so many ways, a child with a great sense of humour, and he rocks when playing the Dhol drum!  Ok, so academically, he’s not the strongest, but he’s got a great imagination!  He loves his sport, football, basketball, badminton, tennis, and excels at it,even though he is small of stature!  An emotional young man, he loves his family (except his sister, but at this age, I guess this sibling love is hard to come by!), feels change strongly, and has the temper of Vesuvius! I mean, the other day he stormed into my classroom at the end of the day and sneered at me ” I HATE your sandwiches!!!” Erm, ok…. “You put TOMATO in them!” Uh oh! The cardinal sin where he’s concerned! In a hurry to make packed lunches, I had inadvertently put tomatoes in his sandwiched, whoops!!

Lil Princess, well, she’s another story!  I love her to bits, a true character, she’s always singing and dancing… yes, a Drama Queen!  She thinks she is so much older than her tender years, and is constantly advising her friends, telling them what to do! But she is kind caring and considerate, always polite, the first one to volunteer to buddy up with a new child in school to help them settle in, perfect… Though it seems that that child only exists at school! Once were home, a whole other child appears!!!! One that regresses to 3 when she wants something, winding daddy and grandparents round her little finger, tears and tantrums when it doesn’t work, then an attitude of a 16year old when you try to reason with her!

Saying that, I wouldn’t change them for anything! As frustrating as they can be, they are a funny pair’ making us laugh all the time!

Take Lil Man the other day, when I became an Aunty… He saw some pictures showing my Brother Dearest having skin to skin time with Junior, on a hospital bed, swaddled in sheets, the pair of them. He sat pondering for a while, looking confused, then asked me “mummy, did Mamu (uncle) have the baby?” And why wouldn’t you think that?! After all, he’s the one in the pic, with the newborn!

And Lil Princess, well yesterday. She decided to educate us. She’s been learning about the human body at school. “Mummy I know a life cycle! First you eat something, then it goes to your throat, then your stomach. After your stomach it goes to your belly button, then it poops out of your bottom!” And proceeded to illustrate it with a flow cycle chart! Again child logic, it’s fantastic eh!

So there you have it my two crazy children, and I’m sure there will be more anecdotes over time!

My interactive peeps!

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