Day 16 #Loveuary ❤ – Love Letters


Love letters… truly feel like a thing of the past.

But before we had Snapchat and WhatsApp, before text messages and mobile phones, even before the internet and emails, and prior to each house having a landline, which other method of communication was there, other than letters? A telegram was usually reserved for bad news, but the advent of a letter, eagerly awaited for, would turn a young lover’s day upside down.

I remember when Hubby Dearest and I were courting, and I moved back home, putting a three-hour distance between us, we would spend hours on the phone, and exchanging texts. But the highlight of my week was receiving a letter or a card from him, and then crafting a romantic reply. I loved the feel of a letter in my hand, knowing I could reread it at any time. In fact, I have a box full of our correspondence still. One day, I may allow my children to read them, but not yet!

I can’t speak for my In-laws but I know my parents had that element of romance in their post-engagement courtship too. It warms my heart each time I think of the fact that my Pops still keeps one of my mum’s letters to him, in his wallet. A little plastic pocket with a letter, the words of a poem that my mum wrote visible, and a flower she sent in the letter all in his wallet. He laughs that he keeps mum close to his bum at all times, but in reality, how romantic is that? Over 45 years, he’s kept it! So sweet!

If there are any youngsters out there reading this, I can only say one thing. Please keep writing love letters. They are the epitome of romance in my eyes! Not pictures of your anatomy sent by Snapchat!

I write to you a letter
And within it, enclose my heart
My wishes for our future
And my dreams that we never do part
I send to you a love song
The words meaning so much
They tell you what you mean to me
Your heart, I hope, They touch
I pen some lines of poetry
My feelings written in verse
Just so you know I’m there for you
For better or for worse
I post inside a flower
The fragrance still just there
So you can smell the scent of it
And know I’ll always care
I write to you a letter
As, each week, I do
And hope you know how much you mean
I truly do love you

Ritu 2017


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