Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 288 – Resilience


“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.”

Emory Austin

Thank you, Spidey, for finding a wonderful quote exampling resilience.

I wanted to consider resilience with you all, today, after finishing my first week back to school, with the children.

We were faced with a whole school filled with children, the majority of which haven’t stepped foot inside the school building for over five months, and some, the youngest, who have never been to school, before.

I was dreading it.

Not only the safety aspect, but the wellbeing of the children.

  • How many would come in distressed?
  • Are they all going to be happy to be coming back to school?
  • What might they have witnesssed, or experienced during lockdown?
  • Have any children experienced bereavement?
  • What backsteps have been taken, academically?
  • How much work to we have to do to get them back on track?

Every single one of my 28 students came in. RESULT!

Only two cried on the first day. By Friday, after moments of tears, they were happy.

I can remember all their names. All of them.

I am already in love with my new class, and have identified my pickles already, but, what a bunch!

And in my capacity as EYFS Phase Leader, I had even more things thrown at me.

From a key member of staff going on early maternity leave, so having to train up a supply teacher, to taking part in my first interview process to find permanent cover for this teacher.

My teaching assistant being off sick (get well soon!), so managing twenty eight 4-year-olds, with one, not two helping hands.

Meeting with a parent regarding a new Special Needs pupil who will be joining, to try and explain why we need to take time to settle the child in.

Stepping in to assist the nursery, where there are at least five 3-year-olds who spent three hours screaming.

I’m eternally grateful to my team who have been genuinely amazing. They’ve picked up the slack where we are staff down, and all put the children’s needs before their own.

Having to assist with my special needs pupil from last year, who hasn’t taken this transition to another class well, at all.

Trying to digest a new set of paperwork that the Government were meant to have given us in July, regarding a new curriculum we are going to be using this year. (We got the paperwork on Thurday night… after school had already started. Great timing, Government Peeps!)

Alongside the pallaver of work being done in the house (OMG, the stress!), and sending my own two children back to secondary school, in a very different environment.

Appointments, cancelled or not, have been attended, rushing here and there after school.

It’s all been happening.

And yet, here I am, still standing, after the week.

Showing my resilience.

Sure, I’m tired. I’m drained. But I’m proud of myself. And I’m happy.

Still singing, even if the music isn’t playing.

So… tell me, do you consider yourself to be resilient?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

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