#SoCS August 3/19 – Astronomical

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “astronomical.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!

Well this totally suits my mood right now, as I have just been preparing Lil Princess for her start to secondary school.

Uniform buying is not cheap!

She doesn’t need to buy specific trousers/skirts etc, but the blouses have to be specific, from one shop in our area (Red and white stripes. Not attractive, but not as bad as my burgundy and pink ensemble from my school days!) We visited the shop today, having already ordered the basic stuff from a cheaper source. £23 pounds for two shirts.


And I need to get another set yet too as two shirts won’t be enough.

Blazer bought too.

So far I think we have spent around £180 on her uniform, a bit of his and stationery.

Then it is shoe and school bag shopping time… Oh Jeez, let the fun begin!

It inspired an acrostic poem!

Secondary school uniform prices
Truly test a parents wallet
Ridiculous price tags
On everything from shoes to shirts
Nothing less than a tenner
Only the tie
Most has to be bought from specific shops
Impossible to save
Can't cheat and go to Asda
And she's only going to grow
Lordy! Let the spending begin!


My darling mother had got a few boxes of things ready for me to go through this time.

There were old photos and various paper items. Things from my past. Things that would hold significance for me.

I haven’t finished yet but it has been such fun going through the photos!

I’ll share these with you…. little Ritu going to school for the first time in her oversized blazer,  with the tweed coats and bobble hat we had to wear in the winter and the straw hats as our summer attire!!!

Pink and maroon uniform… wasn’t I lucky?!

My interactive peeps!

Peeps are reading in…

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