One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Screen-time

“How many screens does a child really need? Just one, and that should be filtering the language coming out of their mouths!” – Ritu

Thinking about what we hear children from young ages talking about and the language they use on a day to day basis. Access to phones, tablets, computers and TVs mean that they are exposed to far too much that is not always age appropriate, and it is not always possible to be there to censor what they watch, especially as they get a little older.

One 3-year-old child told me all about heart surgery, and that he saw the operation… on YouTube. Not really the right thing for him to watch, but at least he wasn’t watching it live…

My two often use slang and silly words that they pick up off the V-Loggers they watch, and thankfully it isn’t usually offensive, but there are times I have to question what they watch and stamp on it.

But when a 3-year-old tells someone to F-off, or a 5-year-old says he wants to kill you… you gotta worry about what he is hearing and where… Is it on screens, or in real life?

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge.

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