Chai And A Chat #121 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 45

Well, lookie here, it’s Loveuary! February, the month of love has started, and we’ve enjoyed the first week. How was yours?

Now, grab your drink, I definitley need a hot one, as it is freezing, here!

  • If we were having chai I’d start, as always, with school. It was my week away from the kids last week, but that doesn’t mean I got to sit at home, in luxury. As the Phase Leader, for the EYFS, I have to be in more than the others, to make sure everything in my department is running smoothly. I aim to be at home, working, on a Friday, but the rest of the time I am in. This week, however, I was also at home on the Tuesday, as I needed to add taking Lil Princess for her HPV vaccination, to my list of things to do, and I also had a long two hour + Google meeeting with an advisor who is giving me and a couple of my colleagues some support with leadership skills. But that means Monday, Wednesday and Thursday were pretty full on! We have had such a headache, trying to offer video provision to our remote learning, and I think, after what feels like weeks of testing, research and failing, we got there! So, we’ve been recording video introductions of our week, and getting stories read, and recorded, too. I hope the children enjoy and appreciate them! I had wonderful phonecalls with many of the parents, too, and even though we don’t know the definite end to all this, the majority of them have been amazing, and really appreciative of whatever we are trying to do for the children, and them. It’s times like this that I remember why I do the job, I do!
  • If we were having chai I’d remind those of you that have been with me for the last few years, that February is not only the month of romance, but in my in laws family it is full on birthday month! We celebrate my brother-in-law, then Hubby Dearest and my mother-in-law, followed by my father-in-law and Lil Princess. Last week was the turn of my Bro-in-law. It’s a strange time to be celebrating birthdays, during a lockdown, especially when we are used to being all together. We couldn’t even go out shopping for him, instead, relying on good old online for gifts. I delivered the bag, then got home to find that we had a delivery of our own. His wife, my sister-in-law, had arranged for a cake to be delivered to us, so we could do a video call cake cutting, and have some to eat, even though we were away from each other. How lovely of her! It was strange, but lovely, to be able to see them, and have a catch up, and the cake was yummy!
  • If we were having chai I’d update you on the house front. So, things are still, tentatively, going well. We had three viewings on the weekend, and there was promise from them all. Here’s hoping an offer materialises! It’s only once that happens, that we can take the next step, with our forever home, you see. We are trying hard not to dream too hard, until things happen, the way we want them to, but fingers crossed!
  • If we were having chai I’d have to tell you of my huge disappointment, yesterday. We had been told that there would, finally be snow. Lots of snow. The Beast from the Baltic was due to vistit the South East, bringing with it, around 20 cm of snow. I woke early, but purposely didn’t open the curtains, because all I wanted to do, was fling open my drapes and view the glorious blanket of white. Finally at 8.30am, I could wait no longer, and, looking out, I could see the swirling flakes of snow, but, on the ground, nothing. The snow continued to fall all morning. ALL MORNING! Yet still, nothing. We had two viewings of our house, at lunchtime, and, as we sat in my car, the flakes got bigger. Was this going to be it? No. It carried on, falling relentlessly, yet every flake melted, as soon as it hit the ground. It was only at around 4pm that we got this… I’m told, by the weather people, that tomorrow morning, I will definitely wake to proper snow. I’m not holding out any hope!
20cm… pah!
  • If we were having chai I’d end with letting you check out my new Kindle holder… 🙂
Bitmoji Image

This week, I’ll be busy with Hubby Dearest’s Birthday (today), and mother-in-law’s birthday (also, today) followed by craziness at work, with parents coming in to pick up resources, weather-pending, and another Google Meet with the CEO of our academy, so I can demonstrate the home learning we have to offer our pupils, alongside two of my colleagues. I’m also on duty, this week, so, again, weather-pending, will be with the Key Worker and Vulnerable kids this week. Fingers crossed for some good news from the viewings, and it will also be Valentines Day on Sunday. Oh, I do hope for that snow!!!

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27 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennie
    Feb 13, 2021 @ 02:40:51

    What a week, Ritu! I really hope you got snow. Your sister-in-law’s video call cake cutting was a wonderful idea. And speaking of videos, how hard that must have been to incorporate videos into remote learning.

    Liked by 1 person


  2. thereluctantpoet
    Feb 09, 2021 @ 18:59:47

    Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet.

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  3. robbiesinspiration
    Feb 09, 2021 @ 16:58:26

    I remember that you have a lot of birthday’s Ritu. I have my wedding anniversary today, my birthday and Greg’s two days later. A busy month. I think your SIL’s idea of sending a cake for you to enjoy as part of an on-line celebration is terrific.

    Liked by 1 person


  4. Pepper
    Feb 09, 2021 @ 02:20:34

    Happy birthday to all the Feb borns in the family! That cake looks so good!

    Liked by 1 person


  5. willowdot21
    Feb 08, 2021 @ 22:51:53

    Hi Sis, have a lovely week with all those birthdays, virtual no doubt 💜🎁💜🎀

    Liked by 1 person


  6. OIKOS™-Editorial
    Feb 08, 2021 @ 22:25:08

    As you remember i had promised you snow, but not that it will stay. Lol Congratulations to the two Honoured. Fingers crossed again, for your next home. If you are driving to work please take care, Sis! Best wishes, Michael

    Liked by 1 person


  7. Mary Smith
    Feb 08, 2021 @ 20:42:19

    Busy birthday times – enjoy.
    I just discovered WordPress has been busy sending comments on my blog straight to spam, including from you. I so hope you haven’t been thinking I’m rude not replying!

    Liked by 1 person


  8. Erika
    Feb 08, 2021 @ 18:54:02

    Happy Birthday to your husband and mother-in-law, sis 🥳

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  9. Marje @ Kyrosmagica
    Feb 08, 2021 @ 14:10:33

    It’s falling here but melting! Hope you are having a good day. We’re contemplating making scones! Sounds like you have a busy time ahead. Hugs. x

    Liked by 1 person


    • Ritu
      Feb 08, 2021 @ 14:41:14

      It’s so cold, Sis. Snow is still falling, but not really getting much deeper. I’m more worried about ice, tomorrow!
      We will be finishing off the cake decoration for a certain Hubby! Xx



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