Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 343 – Don’t Panic!


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I apowerful quote, there, Spidey. Thank you, so much for that.

So, for those of you, not in the UK, I’ll just reiterate the state of affairs here. We are in the midst of a fuel buying panic.


That’s to add to last year’s Toilet Roll Shortage, the pasta wipe out, and precedes, what I just know will be coming soon… the Turkey disappearing act.

I know I ranted a little in my Chai post, on Monday, but the hope was, honestly, that by this weekend, things would be more or less normal. Panic would have died down. People would have begun to take notice of those in power, who were desperately trying to reassure the Brit public that there is NO shortage of fuel, simply a lack of drivers. The fuel is coming, a little slower than usual, but it’s there.

No need to top up constantly, when and where you can. Just take what you need, and go about your usual business, they say.

Is anyone listening?

I don’t think so.

I had, just by chance, filled my tank prior to this craziness, so knew that I would be okay for the next week, at least. So, even as I saw the needle slowly moving towards the emptier side, I ignored the queues of motorists at the stations that were lucky enough to have fuel. I didn’t need it, desperately. I could still get to work, and home. I could still ensure my own children were able to get to their school.

I thought, by mid week, things would be calming down, but no. Every garage either had blockades and signs saying no fuel, or queues stretching back a while, which also meant that traffic was heavier than ever. That also meant more idling around in a car with an engine running, in traffic, using more precious fuel.

So, on Friday, I had to join the queue to fill up my tank, too. Because I really needed it. Not because I thought I should, ‘just in case’.

You see, on top of the stupidity of the panic buyers, who really need to get a life, and stop following false news, then spreading it, causing panic, we have a very real issue, which is the effects of BREXIT.


This was what so many of us were attempting to vote against, but those pro Brexit lot got a bit too big for their boots.

Now, we see our grocery bills begin to soar, as the prices of food we are used to seeing go up, since we aren’t part of Europe. Visas are needed for every trip we wish to take, even if it is just to hop over the channel to France. Honest workers who were keeping certain parts of our economy going, were forced to leave. Many of them the same drivers who were keeping the fuel coming…

Yeah. Thanks BREXIT-ers.

In a round about way, it’s all thanks to some of you and your skewed views that these people were taking our jobs, and houses, and even our benefits, that we are in this mess. Because, let’s be honest. It’s not like you’ve tried to take those jobs up, now they are available… even though unemployment is sky high.

(Though, I know there are some who voted to Brexit for their own reasons, there were, unfortunately, far too many who were misinformed, thinking it was all about immigration…)

Right, I am stepping off the soap box now. It’s become more lecture than inspiration… Sorry, Spidey!

The most important thing to remember is that as long as we have enough, we are richer than many. Too much, and it’s just greed.

So, have you been affected by the craziness of panic-buying, ever?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

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  1. Jennie
    Oct 10, 2021 @ 03:07:21

    Well said, Ritu!

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  2. Rae Longest
    Oct 04, 2021 @ 19:03:29

    I remember the gas lines of the 70s here in Texas, and even now, in a state with so much oil, the gas prices are the highest they’ve been in a long time. Fuel is a necessity, and even though I drive a Prius, where I run on battery until I reach 30 m.p.h and get 50 m.p.g., I am feeling the pinch.

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  3. johnrieber
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 17:28:55

    Ritu, we had the same run on certain items here in the US at the beginning of the pandemic…no gasoline issue yet, but as you know, we are suffering from the same “madness” that seems to be everywhere: the anger and resentment towards others, the sense that it’s “every person for themselves”…let’s hope your issues resolve and the people who have been chosen to “lead” choose to do so.

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  4. floridaborne
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 16:52:18

    There really is a shortage of drivers in the US and it will become worse. The supply lines are breaking down here in the US. I was just reading an article today about the fact that airline personnel, and people working for the federal government have had it with draconian mandates and are suing the government.

    I find the hoarding thing to be ridiculous. When people run out of toilet paper they are going to have to find another means by which to clean their…um…backsides, so why not prepare for the possibility instead of inconveniencing everyone else? Buy a case every month instead of 12 cases at once. It’s called “planning.” 😎

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  5. Carol anne
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 14:55:14

    what a nightmare! I definitely think your right about it being down to brexit, definitely! xo

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  6. Aimer Boyz
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 14:37:16

    Excellent rant! Applause and amen!

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  7. OIKOS™- Art, Books & more
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 13:56:27

    Is it really that bad for you? I am so sorry! There is not much to read about it at bbc.co.uk. Then in future the students will each have to bring a liter of gas to school, for the teacher.;-) But don’t be surprised. Here, prices are rising too and we are being prepared by media for delivery problems. The corporations now want to catch up on what they could not earn for over a year and a half.;-( All the best! Enjoy you Sunday, and do not worry, too much, Sis. xx Michael

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  8. OIKOS™- Art, Books & more
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 13:48:57


  9. NoblemanWarrior
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 13:23:36


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  10. Keith
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 13:22:26

    Ritu, thanks for your post and I appreciate the comments, especially David’s. As a non-UK citizen, I do not have a dog in this fight. Yet, I worried about Brexit before the vote per the cautions of financial analysts that said it would be dilutive to growth. It also concerned me that a number of EU headquarters by non-EU companies would move to EU locations. More than a few have done so.

    Now is what is happening with the gas entirely due to Brexit? No. Is it influenced by Brexit? Yes. I would add just as the US ended up with an ego-maniacal and less competent president in Trump, the UK has ended up with the same in Johnson. It is fitting he has to handle the fallout of Brexit, but he is the last British politician you want to effectuate change in a planned and orderly manner. Even the Brexit vote planners did not want Johnson involved in the planning process.

    I wish the best for you folks. I do hate the politicking around any issue where the blame game gest more attention and effort than actually solving the problem. We do the same here. Take care, Keith

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    • Ritu
      Oct 03, 2021 @ 13:35:10

      Thanks, Keith. I appreciate your comments. It’s not entirely Brexit, you’re right. But certainly fueled (pun intended!) by it.
      I worry for our future…



  11. thereluctantpoet
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 12:54:54

    Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet.

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  12. willowdot21
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 11:59:57

    I don’t think Brexit is as much to blame as the powers that be would have us think, nor is it the pandemic or lack of drivers . Drivers are not satisfied with their lot who would be it a hard job with poor conditions and dreadful hours. The French have never liked us, and historically and recently allways made thing difficult for us . Plus deluded protesters blocking out motor ways how ever true their cause are helping no one or even their cause ! I personally believe most of this would of been avoided if our government had got their act together and put plans, training and sensible rules into action long ago.
    The army could of been brought in earlier more drivers could of had their tests for HGV , artics and tankers!
    I totally agree that greed, ignorance stupidity plays a huge part in all of this. …Life goes on but nothing seems to be being done to improve things . I dread to think what the government is hiding behind all this , no doubt we will find out sooner or later! Hugs for now Sis 💜💜💜

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  13. davidprosser
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 11:20:02

    Sorry-continue- like French farmers blocking British lorries at their port of entry and when the sale of our beef was stopped. Other things too. I don’t mind the inconvenience of visas now since if they have to be accompanied by a certificate showing you’re clear of Covid19 means the spread is minimised. Without that, people would travel without checks- both directions- and happily spread the virus.
    Not everyone listened to Nigel Farage or follows his views. But it was a majority decision to leave and a lot of sour grapes and accusations from those who didn’t. We still have to live together.
    Huge Hugs

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  14. davidprosser
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 11:12:03

    I was a Brexiteer. This week I was asked by a member of my family if I’d vote that way again. I did have to think about it but in the end I decided I probably would. My reasons had nothing to do with immigration, which I welcome, nor the influx of refugees, who I also welcome. I don’t support racism of any kind and in fact have a fantastic relationship with my son in law who is black everywhere except where it matters, in his heart.
    Yes, I had my reasons for wanting to leave the EU some of which were because I much preferred the days when we were just trading partners but we could also trade with our traditional partners like Australia and New Zealand whose economies suffered when we had to cease trading with them. There were many problems over our sole trading with the EU which included things like

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  15. Erika
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 09:53:08

    I heard the military is stepping in to help out. Hope the fuel situation is solved soon. It can become threatening some people’s financial existence who need fuel to fulfill their jobs.

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  16. robbiesinspiration
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 09:11:42

    It will all sort itself out, so there’s no need for people to panic. The British public have certainly lost their sense of patriotism and comradery that got them through WWII. I’ve read a few posts about this, sometimes I loose all hope for the future of humanity.

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  17. TanGental
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 08:17:49

    In an otherwise delicious irony, this weekend we are in Derbyshire visiting our daughters in laws and now good friends. Sure it rained so we stayed in yesterday but we still had a lovely Italian and saw Bond’s latest biff bang wallop. But because of the fuel we caught the train – rather nice getting here though the return may be packed, who knows. As we were driven around Friday pm and yesterday we passed maybe six fully functioning unqueued petrol stations! I barely recognised them! And this in a heavily pro Brexit area of course. That’ll learn us, eh! We’ve been levelled up!

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  18. edwardky2
    Oct 03, 2021 @ 05:23:42

    Reblogged this on Ed;s Site..

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