So long, 2021! #DropKick!

What an unbelievably long year that took a relatively short time to pass!

Okay, so I know that made no sense at all, but you might just have an inkling as to what I’m talking about.

trash bag 2021

2021 feels like a year unlike no other, for me. There were ups and downs, throughout it, but, the overwhelming feeling I had, was of existing.

It felt as if I just needed to ‘get through’.

I think I just about existed through the year if I’m totally honest with you.

Do you know what I mean?

More remote learning, though the beginning of the year. More uncertainty as Covid got its claws stuck in, then kin of retracted them, then attacked, again. So many Lateral Flow Tests.

And from September, a new class filled with gorgeous children, some of whom had the hardest collective level of need that our school had ever faced.

My brain was like mush, in many ways. I couldn’t concentrate on much more than what I was doing in school, and keeping the household going, at home.

No real breakthrough in my writing. Yes, I blogged every Monday and Sunday, with the odd other post, but even my beloved blog couldn’t get my creative juices flowing.

smash 2021

And even though I lost some weight at the beginning of the year, it all piled back on, and then some…

We lost my uncle, too…

Oh, then there was my Bro-in-law fracturing his ankle in two places, meaning an operation and he is still unable to walk unaided, Father-in-law getting his cataracts done, Pops having his operation, my mother-in-law having her knee operations cancelled, Mum hurting her leg at the end of the year, and another family member is hospital too…

But, as I said, there were many ups, too.

No one tested positive in our family.

We did find our forever home and I now have my own writing room, and everyone has the space they crave, including Lil Man and a garden where he can go cricket-mad.

christmas face mask

I did get through my first academic year as Phase Leader of the Early Years department, and in School Management.

Lil Man passed his GCSEs and is now doing his A-Levels.

Lil Princess became a teenager (and she doesn’t let us forget!)

We celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary.

I managed to see Pops and Mum twice, at least.

I got some fabulous news at the tail end of the year… still not 100% confirmed, but fingers crossed, soon!

And that is the end of this year.

I end it exhausted, and still not 100% sure what I am walking into, when I go to school on Tuesday, or what the rest of the year holds… but I live in hope!

How was your 2021?

Come on 2022! Let’s see what you’ve got in store for us!

2021 – Word Of The Year

Well, that was a year we all were kinda glad to see the back of, wasn’t it?

Bye 2020!

2020 dumpster fire

Still, it wasn’t all that bad, was it?

I’ve carried on my new tradition from the last few New Year’s Days, of choosing a word of the year.

2019 was Self, and I really embraced that, making sure I took time out for me, ensured self care was a key part of my life,

2020, I chose Believe. It was all about strengthening that belief in myself, that I could achieve my goals and dreams, and also, feed my belief, spiritually, too.

I admit I had wobbles, especially since the pandemic hit, but, when I look back, I realise I have actually done a lot more towards that word, than I thought!

I did believe in myself, and I published that book. I wrote a good 50K words on the second, which was no mean feat considering being in school during this crazy time.

Spiritually, the more frequent temple visits didn’t happen, due to Covid-19, but my beliefs have not wavered.

Unfortunately, that belief that I would get healthy didn’t quite work… I started walking lots in the summer, when the original lockdown happened, but since we’ve been back at school, and the weather has changed, that hasn’t happened, and a lot of food has been consumed… put it this way, I don’t need a cushion to get cosy on a chair, right now!

And now, here we are in 2021. What would suit my feelings? What will help me achieve a better Ritu?

After not too much thinking, a word stood out. One that I think is really important to have in all our lives, and it is this:

Yes, Hope.

Inside, I have that hope, that things will get better.

I hope that I have the time and energy to keep writing.

I hope to finish that first draft, and have my novella ready for a reader magnet. (Well, I need that, not hope to do it, so I can send it to newsletter subscribers!)

Another hope, is that I can cope with the responsibilities of this new job role, and that I make it to the end of the academic year, successfully, especially considering I am stepping back into it in a couple of days with another set of enforced home learning for a while… not sure how long for, either!

Oh, and I do hope I can work out a healthy, happy balance with exercise, and food!

And, I hope we finally find our forever home, and by this time next year, I’ll be typing my post in a totally different place!

Believe will stay with me, after all we are ever evolving, and improving ourselves, as will Self.

But Hope will be the big one!

happy 2021

So, my dear Peeps, do you have a word for the year? What are your goals, plans, hopes or dreams for 2020?

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 303 – Goodbye 2020


“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

Paulo Coehlo

What a quote, Spidey, thank you!

This is the last Serene Spidey of a year that has been far from serene.

One that we will all be thankful to say goodbye too.

But there is plenty to look forward to, as well.

This year has sapped my energy in more ways than I can explain. I lost my writing mojo in August, then being in school, dealing with pandemic issues, as well as teaching… and juggling work and safety, with keeping my own school age children, and their grandparents, safe, too. It’s been too much.

We’ve seen and heard of loved ones being unwell, some losing the battle to stay on this earth with us. It’s been heratbreaking.

I’ve surrounded myself with good books to read, and learned the fun of binge watching series, and surfing various streaming sites for obscure films, when the endless Sky channels are filled with mindless reruns.

But, it’s not all been bad, has it?

For me, I published my first novel! If I can’t remember 2020 fondly for that, it would be extremely sad.

I also got a promotion of sorts, and now am responsible for a team of eight staff in my department, and up t one hundred children aged 3-5… I never thought of myself as management… there is still plenty of the year for us to mess up, but so far, so good…

And, give or take a few hiccups, we have redecorated our first home inside and out, and started the hunt for our forever home!

I’ve hated not being able to choose when I see my family and loved ones, but the connections have definitely been made stronger with those we love, via phone, video-calls, and thoughtful little gifts.

There have even been new additions to the family that we haven’t been able to meet, yet.

And, though this virus is still spreading, mutating, and causing other issues, there is finally a vaccine… That’s good news, too.

And now, we are on the brink of a new year.

It’s not going to be perfect, straight away, but the chance for betterment is there, for us all.

I’m not one for making resolutions.

If I am honest, if there is something that needs doing, I find it’s better to start when the urge hits, but one thing I want to try and do, is to finish my first draft of book two, within the next year. (Sooner, rather than later, hopefully!)

So, if anyone knows where my muse is hiding, you know where to send them!

So… tell me, what are your thoughts on the new year?

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Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.   

My interactive peeps!

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