#WritePhoto – Crossing

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

They always talk about a bridge over troubled waters. But that’s not what I am.
Neither am I merely a bridge, nor are my waters troubled.
I am a place for reflecting, for reminiscing, for gathering thoughts.
I am a place for calming, for cleansing, for deciding.
My waters will clear your mind, and let you think straight.
Their soothing ripples will take away your stresses and give you peace.
I am no bridge over troubled waters.
In fact, my waters will wash your troubles away. I am that platform upon which you stand, leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated and relieved…




#writespiration #104 52 WEEKS IN 52 WORDS WEEK 8 Choke / Bridge #writephoto

Today I am combining two of my weekly prompts, as they came up on the same day!

Writespiration by Sacha Black where the prompt word is Choke. The challenge is that we only have 52 words, no more no less, with which to spin a fictional web!


Sue Vincent’s #writephoto, where we have the following photo to use as we wish.


So here is my little tale…

A bridge over troubled water.

Or over hardly any water.

A stench so foul from the rotting debris, strewn into the water, pungent enough to make the hardiest human choke.

But not me. This place was perfect.

It smelled glorious to me, the new troll on the block, or under the bridge!


My interactive peeps!

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