Angels In Uniform #NHS #70Years

This last week I had the opportunity to see the great work of the NHS at close quarters for more or less four days.

Sitting by Pops’ bedside meant that I saw just how hard the staff work.

By the time I got there, the Doctors and Consultants had done their rounds, so I didn’t see them, but I was fortunate enough to meet the many amazing support staff, nurses, ward sisters, cleaning staff and catering staff without whom the doctors wouldn’t be able to do their jobs. The ones who are really paid a pittance for all the good they do.

I watched as difficult patients were handled in sensitive ways, the elderly were given the care and respect they deserved, patients both young and old were welcomed into the ward with a smile.

And all that I encountered, from the bay nurses to the student nurse, the ward sisters, to the pain relief managers, were all so wonderful with my Pops.

And he, in turn, made sure that he had a smile, a please and a thank you, ready for them all.

It’s a simple thing, to smile, but that smile can make the job of a tired nurse so much easier.

We had running jokes with our jovial student nurse, Abigail, a young lady from Zimbabwe.

Rishi, Pops fave bay nurse was so great at explaining things to us, and he spoke Punjabi too, so Pops was glad. Even though he speaks fluent English, his mother tongue is his mother tongue!

Loved old Rob the tea man! When Pops was nil by mouth, he’d sneak up to me and whisper in my ear to ask if I’d rather have his tea, instead of letting it go to waste… He wasn’t allowed, but as we had built a rapport over the days, we were mates!

Liz the original Ward sister was lovely, helping me over the phone the first day, and making sure I knew exactly how Pops was.

There were so many others there too.

And they helped make Pops feel so comfortable, and me.

So well, in fact, that he should be discharged tomorrow!

And just look at this face now.


He’s almost sorry that he has to get ready to say bye to them all!

Despite the not sleeping well at night, with the myriad beeps of monitors, the countless wake ups to take obs, and the groans of other unfortunates, he still appreciates all they, and the NHS did for him.

(And he always will, he was an NHS dentist himself, and he gave himself fully to his own job, deciding not to go private so he could give affordable care to those around him).

So here is a little verse, thought up as I drove to work this morning. (Yes, I am back home now, and will be driving back to Pops on Saturday!)

Machines bleeping
Patients not sleeping
They can’t
Constant requests
Are patients pests?
They aren’t
Nurses are waning
Are they complaining?
They don’t
Angels in uniform
Will they ever change form?
They won’t

Ritu 2018


#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 13th/17 – Hospital

Day 13 pf Linda’s #JusJoJan challenge!

The Just Jot It January 13th prompt, brought to you by Charlene Bullard of, is: “Hospital.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to Charlene as well! Here’s her blog: .

The word hospital seems pretty apt to me right now.

I can’t even remember if I mentioned our relationship with the local hospital, or medical care around here recently.

Well, in case I didn’t say anything, it feels like our family, or Lil Man and Hubby Dearest in particular, have been very cosy with the hospital of late.

Before Christmas, on the 1st December, to be exact, Lil Man sustained a head injury. He was hit rather hard by a football in the face, and it, in turn, caused mild concussion.

Mild, they say.

Well, it knocked him for six, and he was off school for over a week because of the headaches and pain.

The local hospital was visited, then the larger Accident and Emergency department was visited when the pains didn’t decrease. This was followed by a visit to a very unhelpful locum GP in our family doctor’s surgery.

It was a worrying time for us, as Lil Man may be little, but he is a robust child and loves to go to school. He is conscientious and would get up every day, change into his uniform, and attempt to go to school but the pain would be too much.

Thankfully he is better now, and the headaches have gone!

But the end of 2016 didn’t see the end of hospital visits.

Last week, on Thursday morning, I heard a blood-curdling scream from Lil Man’s room.

I came in to find him in tears, and the door from his wardrobe on the floor.

Apparently, he had opened his sliding door, which had come off the runners and landed on his foot!

The poor love couldn’t walk on it!

Again, he tried to go to school, but couldn’t walk more than a few steps.

So, that was another day at home, and a visit to the local hospital again, to check for broken bones!

He hates the hospital!

Luckily it was just deep tissue bruising, and seemed to clear up relatively quickly.

Then, on Monday morning, he woke up with back, rib, shoulder and neck ache… Oh dear God, what was going on with this boy?!

Again, he got up, wincing in pain, dosed up on Junior paracetamol, and went off to school, only for me to get a call ten minutes later from my mother in law to say he was back home. Again, he tried to get to school but couldn’t move properly!

I was fearing another trip to the hospital, but today he got up, still in a little pain, and went to school. He seems better tonight. I really don’t know whether he strained a muscle, spelt funny, caught a cold, or if it is viral pain, but what I do know is that Lil Man has had his fair share of issues now, and we would very much like a clear run of time now, with no illnesses, injuries and visits to any more hospitals!


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