49 Days In 1988: Week 35 – The Battle For Me

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Hugh Has A Great Announcement Regarding the Press This Button!

It is sorted Peeps! Press This works again! Check out Hugh’s video!!!

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Petula Clark’s Downtown

Well, I hope, anyway!

​That wonderful Huggable Hugh chose Petula Clark’s Downtown as his song this week… I warned him I would sing it… and I did! If you wish to hear me crooning… click the link below!


Glimpses By Hugh W. Roberts – Book Review

Glimpses by [Roberts, Hugh W.]

I was extremely excited to read that Huggable Hugh was publishing his very first set of short stories! When the release date came, I quickly downloaded it onto my Kindle to read, then I was pleasantly surprised to receive a copy in the post from Hugh himself!


Me and my signed copy!


(Yes I am wearing Reindeer deely boppers… it was the week before we broke up for Christmas holidays. The kids love them!)

It was a book I literally devoured in two sittings, so much fun did I have reading the different tales! (I would have done it in one, but you know, life gets in the way of my enjoyment sometimes!)

Twenty-eight fantastic short stories all labelled with their genre so you can move back and forth, depending on your mood!

If you follow Hugh’s blog, you may have remembered his mini serial called The Truth App. Well, that is featured, all improved and in one go. It’s a cracking read, especially if you are a Bloggers Bash goer!

I loved the four-part Wedding Murder Mystery, but my favourite was the Ticket to ‘Where’ story, labelled as Science Fiction. It had a little romance in there to ease my romantic heart!

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

And my Amazon Review

If you are anything like me, you love to read, but life really doesn’t give you the time to actually sit and devour book after book…
This is where short stories come in, and if you were to purchase this collection, you wouldn’t be disappointed!
Roberts, the author, has crafted a selection of tales to satisfy pretty much everyone… except the very young! From horror, to mystery, to romance and reminiscing, there is a tale (or 5) for everyone.
I really enjoyed reading these stories, and despite me never having time to read, I finished this volume of stories within two days!
Looking forward to a second collection soon… hint hint!!!

Buy your very own copy by clicking here!

And if you are interested, Hugh has a great competition running to do with the book. To enter, click here, but it ends on the 28th February so you need to be quick!

Hugh’s Photo Challenge Part 2: “What’s In The Cupboard?”

Week two of Hugh’s photographic challenge. Check it out here!

Open up your cupboard door
Show us what’s in there
Is it full of knick knacks
Or like Mother Hubbard’s? Bare?
Take some time and post a pic
And link it back to Hugh
You never know… if you’re lucky
He might just Instagram you!

This week I was thinking I might not take part! My cupboards are such a mess, I’d be embarrassed to show you!!!

Then I remembered that there was something pretty special in my own wardrobe, that I would share with you.

wpid-2015-10-20-21.29.08.jpg.jpegIt’s a total mess, I am sorry! But along the top shelf.. now that is where the special stuff is! I know it states in the challenge, a cupboard that is hardly opened… well I don’t have one that is hardly ever opened, but this particular shelf, I don’t rummage around very often, so I hope it will do!

When I was young, my mum had a space in one of my wardrobe. a shelf which was chock full of beautiful jewel coloured shawls  Gorgeously soft and warm woollen silk shawls in all the hues of the rainbow, and even displayed like that too, sorted into the different colours.

She would choose the right one to match what ever she was to wear, when we went out, and I was so excited when I was deemed old enough to venture into this shelf myself, and borrow one!

I went to India to do all my shopping for my wedding, and the place we did a lot of the buying from, well they more or less adopted us! They directed us to all manner of places, and got us discounts for plenty, but for my mum, the icing on the cake was when they took us to a pashmina shawl warehouse! Seriously, I cannot describe my mother’s face when she saw these amazing shawls! A warehouse full! Kudos to her though, she was pretty restrained.  She bought 4-5 and tried to convince me to get a whole load, but I was trying to be sensible… we had already spent a small fortune on clothes that I wasn’t sure I would ever wear!

I bought about 4, the basic colours that would go with everything, and one special pure pashmina for my wedding day, as I was getting married in November, so it would be cold.

What this has to do with my cupboard picture?

Well as I said, along the top, haphazardly, and nowhere near as organised as my mum’s, are my shawls. My collection has grown over the years, and I have some beautiful ones.

But the special ones… I am very sentimental and the ones that are the most precious to me, are two shawls, one that belonged to my maternal grandmother, and one that belonged to Hubby Dearest’s maternal grandmother.  I won’t wear them, but knowing I have them makes me feel close to two very special ladies on our lives.

wpid-2015-10-20-21.30.40.jpg.jpegMy Grandma’s is the one on the left, my Hubby Dearest’s Grandma’s one is on the right.

If I feel the need, I can take them out and smell them, and remember those fine ladies, those wonderful souls who aren’t with us anymore.

So there you have it… my cupboard secret!

What’s in your rarely opened cupboard????

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