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Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week

I decided to attempt a Haibun today, goodness knows if I managed, but here goes!

The earth cracks, begging for even just a drop of moisture, looking as if it is signalling the end, yet the plant grows strong, sucking up the lifeblood it needs to survive.

Life is a strange thing
Taking from one yet giving
Birth to another

The small cracked shell lies  there, a symbol of hope. Hope that another day will dawn, another living thing will grow stronger, continuing the circle of life.

Ritu 2017


Tryst #writephoto

Sue’s gorgeous prompt for this week’s #writephoto

summerhouse silhouetted against a dawn sky


“Meet me!”
She looked at him, his eyes pleading with her as well as his words.
“Please, Rebecca, meet me tonight.”
It was Jake’s last night here before he left to join the rest of the local young men, joining up to fight for King and country.
For the last few months, their growing attraction to one another had been hard to control. She had fallen for his chocolate brown eyes, ever since she popped into Farmer Smith’s farm shop for her aunt to pick up any eggs he had available.
Even though she was not a child, her parents had sent her to the village where her aunt lived, as a precautionary measure, alongside her younger siblings.
Jake was a farm hand. It was one of the only jobs available for young men in this farming community if they didn’t have land themselves. Jake had been delivering the milk to Mrs Smith who usually stationed herself in the farm shop, where she was able to learn all of the village gossip from her regular customers.
As Rebecca was leaving the shop, she was busying herself with the business of checking the eggs for cracks, so was looking down, and Jake, with a heavy pail of milk, was concentrating hard on not spilling a drop, as he headed inside.
It ended messily.
Eggs and milk spilt to the ground, and two young people were left, looking at one another. Mrs Smith’s raised voice went unheard, as Jake and Rebecca felt something, that first sweet twinge of attraction.
She paid for her accident over and over. Aunt Violet was certainly not happy that her money had gone to waste, and she made sure Rebecca was aware of her misdemeanour one hundred fold.
Jake had to spend the rest of that day scrubbing the floor clean so no residue was left to create a stink in the shop. It was just as well he was left to do something so mundane. His mind kept going back to that pretty girl. Something in her eyes called to him. He hadn’t seen her around before, but he was determined to find out who she was, and where she was staying.
It hadn’t been hard in the long run. Old Violet turned up at the shop one day, complaining as usual, and she happened to mention her no good niece, who had wasted her money, and Mrs Smith’s lovely eggs earlier that week. Of course, it hadn’t taken Mrs Smith long to duet along with Violet, with her lament about that good for nothing Jake, who had spilt all the milk that day too!
Once he knew where she lived, he took it upon himself to offer to do deliveries to Mrs Smith’s regular customers. The war hadn’t affected their farm animals so far, so there was plenty of produce available for the villagers with money, and they happily agreed to the delivery service.
This ensured him a look at Rebecca at least once or twice a week, and that was sufficient, up to a point. There was no conversation, just furtive glances between the two of them.
Over the months, their crossing of paths was inevitable. It was a small town, after all, and small token conversations were exchanged.
Rebecca began to look forward to those stolen moments where they spoke for a few minutes at a time. Why, she wasn’t sure, but when she saw Jake, her heart would go all aflutter.
She had taken to writing a diary of sorts, with all those things written in there, that she wished she could say to him, but which convention would never allow.
As the war raged on, it crept into the village. There were whispers of rationing happening in the cities, and the fear that they would not be so far from all that horror themselves. The bombing in the cities had opened a floodgate of evacuees being sent to the safety of villages.
Then slowly, the men of the village were expected to sign up. No one was spared. The old, the young… if they were of the right age, those call-up papers arrived.
Jake wasn’t spared.
Yet he was proud to have the opportunity fight for his country. But that would mean leaving his Rebecca behind. Funny that he thought of her as ‘his’. She wasn’t really his sweetheart.
He hoped, though, that tonight that would change. If she agreed to meet him at the small pagoda on the edge of the Manor House.
Then, maybe, he’d have someone to call his own, to think of, when he left.
Rebecca looked around. There was no one around to hear them.
“Ok, Jake, I’ll meet you tonight. But I can’t be late. After supper, at 7 o’clock, I usually go out to empty the bins. I’ll sneak out then.”
She scurried to the pagoda, chacking behind her to make sure no one was following her. Her had gripped the small book that she clasped to her chest. She could not stay, but she would give Jake her book, with all of her feelings written inside. Maybe, after this awful war was over, they would be able to really become sweethearts…


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 26 – ‘Distance’

It is time for Hugh’s weekly Photo prompt challenge.

Hugh's Weekly Photo Challenge - Logo

1. Take or choose a photo that you’ve taken which defines Distance.
2. Create a new post on your blog entitled “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 26 – ‘Distance’
3. Add the photo(s) you have taken to the post and tell us a little about what you are showing.
4. Create a pingback to this post or leave a link to your post in the comments section so other participants can view the post.

It seems like a really easy prompt, then you realise that actually, as Hugh said, you end up deleting most of the photos as they were out of focus, or there wasn’t what you actually wanted, in them.

I use my phone camera for pretty much all my photos, as it is easier. I don’t profess to be an expert photographer, and if they are good captures, its pure luck!

So off I went, scrolling through my photo album on my phone, and these were what I came up with.

The first is a photo of a sheep-filled field. I took this at the wedding reception we attended on Sunday. Standing there, allI could see were these fluffy white clouds clustered around the field, so I took the photo to show Hubby Dearest when I got back. When I looked at said photo, it didn’t look like that many, but if you zoom in, there are many little white dots that come into focus!


Bleat bleat
Sheep sheep
Everywhere you look!
Baa Baa
So Far
In every cranny and nook
Meh Meh
Here and there
Where’s the shepherd’s crook?
How many sheep?
Zoom in and see
In this photo I took!

Ritu 2016

And another is one I took of the fog one morning near our house. If you look closely enough, you can see the outline of the Gurdwara. It isn’t, in actual fact, much of a distance away, but seems so because of the fog!


Hidden from our view
Behind a curtain of fog
Yet He sees us all

Ritu 2016

Hope you liked my take!

Hugh’s Photo Challenge Part 2: “What’s In The Cupboard?”

Week two of Hugh’s photographic challenge. Check it out here!

Open up your cupboard door
Show us what’s in there
Is it full of knick knacks
Or like Mother Hubbard’s? Bare?
Take some time and post a pic
And link it back to Hugh
You never know… if you’re lucky
He might just Instagram you!

This week I was thinking I might not take part! My cupboards are such a mess, I’d be embarrassed to show you!!!

Then I remembered that there was something pretty special in my own wardrobe, that I would share with you.

wpid-2015-10-20-21.29.08.jpg.jpegIt’s a total mess, I am sorry! But along the top shelf.. now that is where the special stuff is! I know it states in the challenge, a cupboard that is hardly opened… well I don’t have one that is hardly ever opened, but this particular shelf, I don’t rummage around very often, so I hope it will do!

When I was young, my mum had a space in one of my wardrobe. a shelf which was chock full of beautiful jewel coloured shawls  Gorgeously soft and warm woollen silk shawls in all the hues of the rainbow, and even displayed like that too, sorted into the different colours.

She would choose the right one to match what ever she was to wear, when we went out, and I was so excited when I was deemed old enough to venture into this shelf myself, and borrow one!

I went to India to do all my shopping for my wedding, and the place we did a lot of the buying from, well they more or less adopted us! They directed us to all manner of places, and got us discounts for plenty, but for my mum, the icing on the cake was when they took us to a pashmina shawl warehouse! Seriously, I cannot describe my mother’s face when she saw these amazing shawls! A warehouse full! Kudos to her though, she was pretty restrained.  She bought 4-5 and tried to convince me to get a whole load, but I was trying to be sensible… we had already spent a small fortune on clothes that I wasn’t sure I would ever wear!

I bought about 4, the basic colours that would go with everything, and one special pure pashmina for my wedding day, as I was getting married in November, so it would be cold.

What this has to do with my cupboard picture?

Well as I said, along the top, haphazardly, and nowhere near as organised as my mum’s, are my shawls. My collection has grown over the years, and I have some beautiful ones.

But the special ones… I am very sentimental and the ones that are the most precious to me, are two shawls, one that belonged to my maternal grandmother, and one that belonged to Hubby Dearest’s maternal grandmother.  I won’t wear them, but knowing I have them makes me feel close to two very special ladies on our lives.

wpid-2015-10-20-21.30.40.jpg.jpegMy Grandma’s is the one on the left, my Hubby Dearest’s Grandma’s one is on the right.

If I feel the need, I can take them out and smell them, and remember those fine ladies, those wonderful souls who aren’t with us anymore.

So there you have it… my cupboard secret!

What’s in your rarely opened cupboard????

But I Smile Anyway...

My interactive peeps!

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