#WritePhoto – Dark

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

Though darkness surrounds us on the grounds, it’s always worth looking not only up but down too, because above, you can see the prospect of brilliance, the light breaking through the clouds, and below, the reflection of that brightness, to keep you going, even on your lowest days.
A silver lining
Every cloud has, so they say,
Beauty behind it
Reflections from that beauty
Give us reason to stay strong
Each moment is like the flip side of a coin.  For every up, there is a down. For every high, there is a low. Just remember, down is not necessarily a bad thing… for from down below do the shoots of strong trees sprout, growing upwards towards the light.



Cracked #writephoto #Haibun

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week

I decided to attempt a Haibun today, goodness knows if I managed, but here goes!

The earth cracks, begging for even just a drop of moisture, looking as if it is signalling the end, yet the plant grows strong, sucking up the lifeblood it needs to survive.

Life is a strange thing
Taking from one yet giving
Birth to another

The small cracked shell lies  there, a symbol of hope. Hope that another day will dawn, another living thing will grow stronger, continuing the circle of life.

Ritu 2017


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #103 Summer&Fun

Monday night, and Ron’s Haiku Challenge. The words this week are Summer & Fun.

I had a great deal with these words! Sorry but due to a headache, I haven’t sorted images out, but I managed to write a few bits!

I thought I would try a few different formats, so here goes! I hope you enjoy!

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Image.

Summer Lovin’ –  Traditional Haiku – 5/7/5

Love in the summer

Joy filled heated days and nights

Autumn quenches thirsts


Remember When? – Haiku 3/5/3

Summer days

Oh, the fun we had


English Summer – A Haibun

Well, how can I write about summer without mentioning our famous English summers! We are lucky enough to get all four seasons in one day here at times, and when it comes to summer, yes, there can be glorious weather, but this year, as with s many others, June has had heat, then the weather has swayed back to thunderstorms, and heavy downpours. Some areas even had hailstones last weekend! So this verse is a tribute to our summers.

Welcome to England

We have a one day summer

Make sure you have fun!

Baby Boom – A Haibun

Do you ever wonder why there is an extreme number of babies born at particular times of the year? Trace back 9 months and check the weather. It was either cold, so there was some interesting methods of body heating going on, or it was the height of summer, and the heat’s aphrodisiac quality hit home!

A Season of heat

Welcomes fun filled siestas

Cue a baby boom!

Tranquility – A Tanka

A hot summers day

Bees flitting from bloom to bloom

Buzzing past my ears

I sit, cocktail in hand

Enjoying tranquility

Life Cycle – a Freku

In the spring of life

You learn

In the summertime

You earn

As autumn comes

You yearn

In the winter

You burn


Whichever season

Spring, summer, autumn, winter

Each of them bring joy


Well, there you have it… My headache-fueled verses. Please let me know if I should really be in bed, sleeping the headache off, or if I need to endure more pain to create decent verse!

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