Tuesday Poems for #Writers #Inspiration – Book Promotion

Another poem inspired by Lucy of Blonde Write More! Promoting your book without a publisher’s help…

Promotion Overdrive
 Won’t you read my book
 Oh God, please, just take a look
 It’s taken me all this time to write
 I’d appreciate it if you might.
 And I don’t mean just a chapter or two
 The whole book please – then leave a review
 Can I guest post on your site
 A blog tour date, if I might?
 Come, like my page on Facebook
 I’m an author now, just take a look
 I’ve author-ised my Twitter name
 Thousands of followers would be insane
 Building up my Instagram feed
 Because seeing my cover is what you need
 Readers like a giveaway
 A little give here will eventually pay
 Writing books is hard enough
 But promoting them is just as tough
Ritu 2019

Next week, blurb time!

Oh To Be An Author…! #ShamelessPromotion

How big is your TBR pile?

I used to be able to judge how many books I had, by looking at my shelves.

Now, in this digital age, I turned to a Kindle to save space, as I have no room for more books, because of the children’s books, and my teaching resources!

I literally donated 7 huge boxes of books to the British Red Cross last summer when we had a clear out, and converted our study into a bedroom for Lil Man. It meant less space for our stuff, but at least the kids had the privacy they needed!

But it means that I really have no clue what is in my TBR pile, unless I scroll through the contents of my Kindle!

I appear to have around 35 unread books waiting for me!

The great thing about my Kindle is that I can pretty much support my fellow Indie authors straight away by downloading the books of interest to me as they get published.

Though I sometimes forget what I have stored to read for the future.

Just the other day I was looking to see what is next among my pile of virtual books, and I was so excited that I had, among others, books by Sally Cronin, Sue Vincent, Judith Barrow and April Munday. I have books by Robbie Cheadle and Colleen Chesebro to share with Lil Princess too.

And I felt proud that I actually know these talented writers, and can count them as my friends!

Two years ago, authors were haloed beings in my books, excuse the pun. The ones you could hope to emulate, but really had no chance to reach their successes.

But now I realise, two years on, that we are able to become one of ‘them’.

If we want to do it, we can become one of those haloed beings too!

Ok, so we may not reach the financial successes that the likes of J.K. Rowling and Stephen King enjoy, but to be honest, for me, success would be to be sat on the TBR pile of someone I know (and ultimately for the book to be read and reviewed, obviously!)

So, here’s hoping I pull off that writing through August thing, so I am able to say to you all, that “Hey! I have a fiction book out there too!” sooner, rather than later!

And, I know I am on the bookshelves, or Kindles, of some readers out there too… I managed to become a published poet last year!

Poetic RITUals by [Bhathal, Ritu]

If you fancy adding me to your TBR pile… click on the link below to go to the Amazon site of your country!


Oh, and if you do decide to check it out… a little request from me… please leave a review!

Have a wonderful Wednesday Peeps!!!!


Inspire and Write – A review!

Just a few days ago, I was asked to write a little post to give a new blog a bit of recognition.  Wow! I have to say that I was actually very honoured to have been asked that! I mean, do I really have any sway in what you, my Peeps, read?!

Anyway, as I said, I was honoured, and I will definitely do my best to get some clicks over on this new blog!

wpid-screenshot_2015-08-09-19-37-51-1.pngHere it is! Inspire and Write.  In the words of the author of the blog,

It’s just about inspiration with a little bit of writing. Whenever a person is in the blue, he/she can just read through my latest posts!

Sounds pretty cool right?!

Well, it is a new blog, there is lots of lovely inspirational posts to come on it, but lets give a special Blogily welcome to our inspirational writer, by getting some follows!!! And I have been on it.  Yes there are few posts yet, but what I have seen so far are lovely, short and sweet, and some great inspirational quotes too!

So, what are you waiting for?! Click here or on the link above too, and lets get ready to be inspired!

So…why do I accept awards…?

… and more importantly, why do I appear to accept the same award on more than one occasion from different bloggers?

I know lots of bloggers won’t do it… many won’t accept them formally after a few, as it may seem like a tedious process, sometimes, answering questions, and then linking blogs, oh then notifying those you have nominated…

And initially, I thought the same… OMG! This is taking forever! I need the PC, can’t do this on my iPad or phone with any great ease!

But then I thought, actually…

A) It’s fun!

B) I learn a lot about other bloggers by reading their responses.

C) My readers get a closer insight into my world, with every set of questions I answer, or every set of facts I reveal

D) There is someone out there in the Blogosphere who enjoyed my blog enough to want to nominate me and I am THANKFUL!!!!

E) If nothing else, I can give a new blogger, or someone I admire, a bit of promotion! Hey, I’m not up there with the BIG GUYS with thousands of followers, but my 465(ish!) are great and they love to click on new blogs, and find amazing reads they hadn’t encountered before!

So, if anyone rolls their eyes at me, as I accept another award, think of those who I have nominated, and the fact that we were all there once, as newbies… and that first award nomination is priceless, and the encouragement that it shouts out to someone is huge!

My interactive peeps!

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