#WritePhoto – Sanctuary

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

I thought I’d continue the adventures of Barbie and Ken.

Ken sat back, contemplating his surroundings.
They had only been here a couple of days, but what with Joey copping off with whichever female he encountered, he had needed to occupy himself more than usual.
The old stone tomb found in the middle of the woods they had trekked in on the first day had become something of a sanctuary for him. He felt a peace that had been eluding him in recent weeks.
He sat there, scrolling through his photos on his phone, smiling at the images of him and Barbie – pictures filled with contented smiles and positivity.
What had happened to them?
He felt emotion welling up within, and this time, rather than will it away, he allowed tears to moisten his eyes.
“Oh Babe,” he said to the photo on his screen, “you know I love you. Why do you always think I’m interested in others? No one could ever take your place with me, not even that Sindy…”
Sindy stepped back into the shadows after pressing pause on her phone camera.
Did she have enough now, or should she go in for one last try?



In an English Country (town) Garden!

It appears to be a time to share gardens, as my dear blog paks, Erika and Rich have been doing… So I thought why not take a few snap snotty things of our garden… It’s a wonderful space, but just a tad dry, even with watering, due to the mini heatwave the UK are experiencing!


Here is our space, complete with kids corner and our summer house!


Even Sonu Singh loves the climbing frame!


Looking back, at our house, and yes, there is goal posts in the garden! That’s what you need with a sporty son!


Buddha, in our oasis of calm!


And a laughing Buddha too!


And some flowers!


And a few more!
So there you have it… Not the most spectacular of gardens, but it’s OURS!

But I Smile Anyway...

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