#WritePhoto – Distance

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

I thought I’d continue the adventures of Barbie and Ken.

Ken stretched his arms and rolled his shoulders. It had been a cramped flight, but they were the only seats available at such short notice. After a manly chat with Joey, they came to the conclusion that absence makes the heart grow fonder, as the saying went.
“A bit of distance between the two of you’ll be a good thing bruv!” Joey said as he pulled his coat tighter. “But couldn’t we find somewhere warmer to go?”
The snow-topped Scottish mountains could be seen in the distance.
“Yeah, I know… still, at least I won’t have any distractions here. I can just relax, and hopefully, Barbie will realise she misses me.”
“Yeah, yeah, right. So, where’s the nearest pub?” Joey hailed a cab to take them to the hotel.
As they sat in the car, they were unaware of a pair of eyes watching them.
Sindy slipped her sunglasses back on, and jumped in the next taxi. Instructing the driver to ‘follow that cab’ she sat back. What was the point in working for the local travel agent, if she couldn’t find out where her ‘friends’ were flying off too?
To be continued…



#WritePhoto – Crow

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

I thought I’d continue the adventures of Barbie and Ken.

“One for sorrow – two for joy. Two, two, come on I need two… Oh Jeez, Joey, this isn’t a good sign.” Ken was looking frantically around the park.
“What are you going on about bruv?” Joey took his shades off and checked the colour of his torso. It had been a long time since he’d attempted a tan the traditional way in Essex. Usually, he kept his Marbs colour topped up at the spray tan booth, but there was an unexpected heat wave, and he wasn’t about to lose the chance to get a bit of British sun too.
“I need to see another one. Can you find one? You know, one for sorrow, two for joy? That rhyme they say about those birds, you know, like that one over there?” Ken’s eyes darted around the trees fencing the green. ” I need all the help I can get with me and Barbie at the moment, and I can’t be seeing no ‘one for sorrow’, not today. I need joy. I need two. I need a sign!”
“Erm, Ken, mate, listen. I know what you mean, but before you get all stupid about this, that ain’t no magpie you’re looking at, anyway… it’s a crow!”
“Is it?! Oh God! What does that mean, when I see none?!”
Joey rolled his eyes at his henpecked pal, lowered his sunglasses and lay back to soak in a few more rays…


To be continued…


#WritePhoto – Window

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

I thought I’d continue the adventures of Barbie and Ken.

“It’s beautiful Ken!”
Barbie gazed out of the window, focusing on the scarlet bloom in front of her.
“Where did you find this place?” she enquired.
“Oh, someone recommended it, said it was a great romantic getaway, and I thought, you know, we needed a bit of time away from the rest of the gang.” Ken was feeling quite pleased with the hotel actually. It was all old buildings and four-poster beds – old skool luxury. Okay so it wasn’t a palace with turrets, but he was pretty sure Barbie would like it.
“Someone? None of your mates would know anything about romance! Can you even imagine Gaz taking Mitzy here? And Joey, well, he’s never had a girlfriend!” She tittered to herself.
“No, Sindy mentio-” He stopped, realising he’d uttered the one name certain to start World War 3.
“Sindy? Sindy? Really?! So, when did you and that tart become such good friends that you started exchanging ideas for romantic getaways?” Suddenly, this room started to feel suffocating.
“Babe, come on, it’s not like that! She’s only trying to help…” Digging himself into a deeper hole, Ken continued, ” she was asking about us the other day, and said she wanted to help-”
“Help? Really? Help with what? Have you been complaining about me? Oh My God, Ken! Sindy? Of all people!”
Ken turned to the window, tuning out the string of compaints flowing from Barbie’s mouth. That rose appeared to be drooping…
To be continued…


#WritePhoto – Blue

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:


I thought I’d continue the adventures of Barbie and Ken.
“Ken, what’s up? you’re looking a bit blue?”
Sindy siddled up to Ken, who was stood, leaning against the barriers, looking out over the river.
“What? Oh nah, I’m fine. Just chillin’, you know.” He stepped back, trying to put a little distance between himself and the brunette bombshell who had caused enough strife between him and Barbie already.
“I saw you and Barbie looking a little stressed out the other day, in the bar? Everything okay?” She put her hand on his arm, and gave it a reasurring squeeze. Instead of lifting it straight away, she let it rest there.
Ken tensed under her touch. He looked around. Knowing his luck Barbie was watching him, and she’d misconstrue this meeting too.
It had taken him hours to convince her that there was nothing going on between him and Sindy. No amount of Prosecco helped.
He lifted Sindy’s hand off his arm. “Yeah, all good. Never better, yeah.”
“Well, if you ever wanna, you know, talk, you got my number…” Sindy looked at him, winked, and strode off.
Now, what was that all about? Ken shook his head. He’d never get women…
To be continued…


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