Alone #writephoto

Sue’s prompt for this week’s #WritePhoto:

Today, no poems or prose. No stories or tales.

No stories or tales.

Just a sense of calm, peace and wellbeing.

Looking at the above photo brings me all that.

An idyllic location to lose yourself for a while, to sit and think about all, or nothing.

Viewing the world around you, the vast landscapes ahead, the endless sky above, you realise just how small you really are.

A tiny piece of this universe, a speck.

But how often do you take the time to just look, and reflect?




Moonlighting as a single mum…

No, I am not really a single mum all of a sudden, but I guess the next couple of days, I’ll feel what it could be like.

Hubby Dearest has started a new job today, and his first few days require him to be away from us overnight.  He’s never done that before, his previous job didn’t require it.

But today, it’s just me and the munchkins!  It’s kind of weird to be honest! Usually its me and the kids who might go away for a few days, to visit my parents, and Daddy is left at home, and this time it’s the opposite!

Need to eat, get the bins ready for disposal tomorrow morning, do everything I usually do, for tomorrow, but when its bed time, there isn’t one more person to call upstairs to wish the children goodnight.

Again, thank you Skype, we’ll be utilising you most definitely!

Then comes my bed time… I’ll need Sonu Singh next to me so I don’t feel lonely…not that he’ll stay there!  It’ll be a different feeling, knowing he’s not by my side…

Roll on the next few days please, I need my man back!

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