Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 88


“It never gets easier, you just get better” – Unknown

What a great thought!


It sure tests us, and I think we all know that those simple days of childhood were a breeze, compared to the trials and tribulations of adulthood. Dealing with studies, then jobs, relationships and families. What we wouldn’t give to go back to those days…

But then if you did, you’d find that those days were just as hard. Because you hadn’t grown up yet. Learning to share your toys, finding out that broccoli isn’t actually that bad, knowing that reading a few pages of Topsy and Tim isn’t actually a tough homework task… You don’t know that then, but for a child, those are the world’s biggest problems!

But we all overcome them. We become good at these skills, and we develop as humans over the years. Those childhood struggles hardly seem worth worrying about, but at that time, they were biggies for you!

Each age brings a new set of difficulties, which we trundle through, feeling like they may be the end of the world, but actually, they aren’t because when the next stage of life arrives bringing its new worries, you realise you had it good before.

The reality is that you learned to deal with the struggles that were bringing you down, and Life knew you could do it, so they chucked you another bunch of difficulties to wind your way through.

And Life knows you can get through this set too.

I’m a firm believer in the thought that God only throws you what He knows you can deal with. You just have to find the strength within to deal with it, and you’ll come out the other end stronger, wiser and happier.

 So today, look at whatever difficulty you may be facing,and know you can get through it. Have faith in yourself. I have faith in you too!

Happy Sunday Peeps 😊


33 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vinnieh
    Oct 24, 2016 @ 11:27:27

    An excellent quote and post.

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  2. syl65
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 17:34:55

    Good quote Sister! We do have the strength to get through the difficulties if we lean more towards believing and not doubting.

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  3. Judy Martin
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 14:52:20

    Spidey has given us a very valuable piece of advice again. We are constantly being tested, and although I think that God might throw a little too much our way sometimes, you are right in that we get through it stronger and wiser.
    Happy Sunday Sis πŸ™‚

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  4. willowdot21
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 13:43:56

    God only throws you what He knows you can deal with. I totally agree but even so sometimes I think he over estimates us a tad… But we just have to try harder when that happens. Have a Lovely Sunday too.xxx

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  5. Erika Kind
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 13:14:12

    Exactly! Everything we went through teaches us and makes us stronger or opens up new ways of dealing with things. We learn, we develop, and we also realize that we don’t need with certain things at all. Reading your post made me think of another saying: “Everything is difficult before it gets easy.”

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  6. Tony Burgess
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 12:59:46

    I am a belever that God is with you when life throws stuff at you. Life is a bit test anyway. Grace and peace my friend.

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  7. Lisa A.
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 11:29:46

    I miss being a kid! All we had to do was go to school.

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  8. Nisthur Anadi
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 08:12:49


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