Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 165 – Achieving Goal


The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney



A lovely quote Spidey, very fitting for my recent achievements too!

As many of you know, I finally finished writing my first draft on my WIP – my 18-year-old writing project.

I wrote seven chapters before starting the blog in November 2014. Those seven chapters had been crafted fourteen years previously.

That was when my novel dream was born.

And I continued to dream, but life, and maybe an element of laziness crept in.

I mentioned my idea and fledgeling manuscript to a few friends and family members who were encouraging, but I still didn’t actually do anything with it.

Instead, I had babies, then restarted my teaching career.

But my book baby?

That story wasn’t going to write itself.

Plucking courage from the support of fellow bloggers, I posted those chapters, in order to get some feedback and an idea as to whether it was something worth pursuing.

Boy, did those of you who read it give me a jolt! (In a really positive way!)

I needed to continue it! And I talked (wrote) about it incessantly, but another 2 years went by before I actually took to the screen again, to try and achieve my dream.

My #RiNoWriMo project in August added another 60,000 words to the project, and I was exhausted. It wasn’t finished, but I could see the end!

It took another seven months before I took to it again, but I did a lot of ‘talking’ about my teenage WIP… and how I wanted to finish it… before finally taking that last step and getting to the end.

So, instead of talking too much more, I embarked on a Camp RiNo, and just went for it.

And now, I have that full first draft manuscript in my hands, it feels so good!

The dream of publishing it is still a little while away, but the fact that I have a full story written is the first, huge step that I have taken to reach my goal.

And I WILL get there!

Is there anything you have really wanted; a dream you wish to fulfil, or a goal you want to achieve? Tell me about it in the comments, then start planning how you can actually reach it!!!

Stay positive 🙂

Happy Sunday Peeps!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…

I could go on over 800 times, but you would have switched off busy the time I finished!

You’ll never guess, but I surpassed the 800 follower mark today! 

This silly little blog I started as an experiment, had slowly grown, and become a huge part of my life. I can’t wait to check things in the morning, and to read other bloggers posts too! The night comes, and before I switch my light off, I read from the reader… The interaction with you all every day, has been amazing! I have made  some firm friends, and now I even have a Blogily too! (That’s a blog family, i.e. My sisters and brothers on here..  You know who you are! 😘)

Over 30,000 views, over 900 posts, in just under 8 months!

It’s all down to YOU though! You, the reader, who has liked and commented, and spurred me on to continue with whatever I’m spouting off!!! Apparently y’all like it! 😁

So a heart felt thank you to you all. And I hope you stay with me on this journey! 

Big love to you all!!!! 

Beautifully Scary!


Somehow, I hit 601 followers on WordPress! 

And nearly 20,000 views! 

637 posts… When and how did I make the time!!? 

Best day for views hit 418! 

Thank you to you all who do regularly follow my posts, liking, reading, and commenting!

I am humbled, thankful, surprised, and a little excited!!! 

Who’da thunk it!? In 5 months I’d build this up, blogging would become one of my lifelines!!!!

And the Blog-Pals I’ve made along the way! You know who you are! We comment-converse, support, humour, it’s all there!!!

Thank you wonderful folks!!!!!!

We’ve come a long way!

It’s pretty amazing. I stumbled upon this whole blogging malarkey totally by accident.

At the end of November, 2014, one of me good friends started a blog, and there was that inviting little button, asking me to log in, or create an account… Well, a bit like Alice in Wonderland, I was curiouser and curiouser and I just had to press it, and create an account!

I had no idea that it would become such a crazy, yet important part of my life!  I have unleashed my creativity that had become buried under mummyhood, and work, and been forgotten, I am airing views, and best of all I’ve made some great connections with new blog-pals!!

It still amazes me that there are people out there who are genuinely happy to read what I write, and the encouragement I get from you all is priceless!  The technical advice from Tom has been invaluable too!

I’m not the most technical of people but I have managed to link this blog to Twitter, Google+, It’s very own Facebook page, and now I feature on Bloglovin too! (check out snazzy button below!)

So, coming to the end of this, my third full month here, I’m about 10 shy of 300 WordPress followers, another 90ish have decided I’m a good bet to follow on Facebook, and a few others on the Twitter/G+ and now Bloglovin… Wow!  Oh and not to mention that 5 people felt I was worthy of awards!

Over 7000 views, nearly 2000 comments, and I’m blown away by the different countries my  the end of that followers number, and I commented ‘from your mouth to God’s ears’.  He replied that it needs to get to other bloggers ears too, but that that would be an interesting one, what would God blog about?

Got me thinking… what would He blog about? Would he be sitting up in his cloudy armchair on his HiPad, creating poetic verse? If He was just musing on the day to day goings on in his life, it would be a lengthy read, as, well, He sees everything! Or would He be lamenting, commenting on the goings on of the world, and how all these creatures He had created were ruining everything He had so neatly laid out??

I don’t know but its an interesting one! What do you think God would blog about?

Thank you all though, sincerely, for the time, likes, comments, follows and brilliant content of yours that I have been reading too!

Keep Smiling!
But I Smile Anyway...


So, I woke this morning, and after doing all I need to do, I sat to look at my notifications on WordPress, and like, Wow!!

In the last couple of weeks. I have had so much more interaction with my fellow bloggers, made great new BlogPals, and hit some great milestones for myself!

My silly little blog has had over 1700 views, over 350 comments, viewed over 100 times in one day, numerous likes, I’ve even been reblogged a couple of times. And yesterday saw I’d even been retweeted!!!

And this morning, I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS!! Wow, again! So there are that many people, apart from a handful, who I actually know from outside the blogosphere, who are interested in what I’m writing!!!

To top it off I was even nominated for a ‘Lovely Blog’ award by abracadabra site!!!

Thank you fellow BlogPals, for making this blogging journey so much fun, and fruitful! Much BlogLove to you all, and a ton of {{{hugs}}}!!!!!!!!!!

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