Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 165 #PhotoPrompt – Moon

Well, guess who had the honour of choosing this month’s prompt photo?

Me, that’s who! And I took it myself, as well!

Remember, it’s syllabic poetry that Colleen wants from us!

So, here’s the photo.

Two senryu for you you, 5/7/5, 3/5/3 and 2/3/2

I smile at the moon
Peering through the eerie clouds
Light, in my darkness

Ritu 2020

Moon appears
Through the eerie clouds
My night light

Ritu 2020

through the clouds
my light

Ritu 2020

And you can check out the challenge here.

Thankful Tuesday

wpid-fb_img_1438612024333.jpgSuch a lovely quote.

It is so important to be thankful for the big things, obviously, but don’t forget those little things.

My Pops always tells me to thank God every morning that I wake

Thank you God for the night that passed, please be with my in the day.

And again at night before bed

Thank you God for the day that passed, please be with me in the night.

It might not have been a great day, or night, but the point is that you lived through it, in order to see another day or night. Be thankful.

Have a blessed Tuesday Peeps!

My interactive peeps!

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