Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 165 #PhotoPrompt – Moon

Well, guess who had the honour of choosing this month’s prompt photo?

Me, that’s who! And I took it myself, as well!

Remember, it’s syllabic poetry that Colleen wants from us!

So, here’s the photo.

Two senryu for you you, 5/7/5, 3/5/3 and 2/3/2

I smile at the moon
Peering through the eerie clouds
Light, in my darkness

Ritu 2020

Moon appears
Through the eerie clouds
My night light

Ritu 2020

through the clouds
my light

Ritu 2020

And you can check out the challenge here.

Flash Fiction Foray – FFF#21 – Moonlight Sonata

It’s Tuesday, which heralds the arrival of the Flash Fiction Foray prompt from The Book Blogger, Matt. You can find this week’s post, here.

So, this week we are given the classical piece by Beethovan, Moonlight Sonata.

She stood there, at the window, staring out at the world, bathed in the soft beams of moonlight.

It was still… so still out there, and the quiet. So different to the scenes she had left behind. All that horror, the carnage of Friday 13th.

What was meant to be a night full of promises, turned into her worst nightmare… She’d arrived there as part of a pair, a couple, romantic and silly, and left there alone…

She opened the window and breathed in the air… and cried… the only sound carrying across the air…A sonata in the moonlight….


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