#SoCS May 9/2020 – Cave

Linda’s SoCS prompt this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cave.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Enjoy!

When the word cave in mentioned, the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘Man-cave‘. And then swiftly after, the thought, why not ‘Wo-man-cave‘?

Why was it assumed that only men needed that cave, that place to retire to, away from the family, to aa cocoon of peace, when, more often than not, he’d been at work all day, while the woman of the house cooked, cleaned and was the one who took most of the burden of childcare on her shoulders?

Surely, it would have made more sense for him to take over the demands of the kids, so she could disappear to a space made just for her, filled with whatever she needed, to relax, be it a reading room, crafting room, or a room with a hot tub and gin serving bar!

One of my colleagues has just created her own, after her growm children finally moved out. She’s a crafter and it is a full-on craft cave, with shelves and little drawers filled with her tools, materials, and fastenings, wools and threads, and all manner of bits and pieces than come in rather handy for us at school.

I’d love a wo-man-cave.

It would be many things: my reading nook, filled with book shelves, and a comfy place to sit and read, by a large window; my writing space, with a large desk, and all the tools I needed to have near me, to hand; a small corner of the room would be devoted to my crafting materials too.

A discreet sound system would allow me to stream gentle music if I wanted, and there may just be a shelf with a kettle and my favourite teabags. Of course I would need milk too, so a little fridge, just big enough for a small carton of milk, and maybe some cans of premixed pink gin drink…

I have been drooling over images of different ones on Google… Apparently they are known sa She-Sheds!

We are looking at moving to our forever home… If I start the pressure now, maybe Hubby Dearest will cave, and instead of a games room, my wo-man-cave will become a reality, instead…

Okay, can you all just leave me to dream now?

Thursday Photo Prompt – Cave – #writephoto

Sue’s photo prompt this week…


I thought I would attempt some fiction this time, it’s been a while…

Jack and Jill
“It’s got to be here somewhere, I just know it!” Jack huffed and puffed as he frantically swept his gaze here and there.
Jill was following calmly.
Even she was just as excited to get to the cave, but she was fully aware of where it was, unlike her scatterbrained brother.
As children, they would walk up nature’s stone staircase towards the mouth of the cave, and spend many hours playing. It was their private den, untouched by others, kitted out with all sorts of essentials, so they didn’t have to keep rushing home in the day. There were stools and a tiny table. Mother had given them some cups and plates, and cutlery so they could eat their picnic lunch in comfort.
There was even a little candle holder with candles so they had light, And a little box with pens and paper so they could write secret notes to one another.
Often, they would find ‘treasures’ on their walks and these were stored in a small biscuit tin, things like special leaves, and pebbles, and the odd bit of metal they found.
It was these ‘treasures’ that brought them back to their old cave today, 20 years later.
Watching his portly behind jiggling its way ahead of her, Jill wondered whether her brother would even fit inside anymore.
“Jill, I am so sure we found one of those! Do you remember? In that huge hole, that we spent the summer digging? It was a small golden coin, and on the news, they showed one just like it, that had been found a few miles from here. £100,000 they reckon it could be worth! An ancient coin from among the first the Romans had when they came over here! To think, if we have one, we could be in for a windfall sis!” Jack’s eyes glazed over with the haze of an imagined riches-fuelled future.
“Maybe Jack, maybe. Who knows if everything is still where we left it anyway? It may even be a den for today’s youngsters, and our inconsequential rubbish will mean nothing to them.” She had decided to accompany him, on a whim.
It might do him good to revisit the past, goodness knows his future hadn’t been so good to him. 31 and already divorced, with 2 children to support, and a greedy ex-wife, no job due to a recent redundancy, and an ever-expanding waistline… He was a stress-induced heart attack waiting to happen…
But life had been no bed of roses for her either. She was still single, a chapter book of failed romances behind her, debt-ridden with a catalogue of maxed-out credit card bills to pay and in danger of losing her flat, as she couldn’t afford the rent.
Of course, she could just move to a cheaper place, but what of her lifestyle? She deserved to live life to the fullest. So what if her credit cards had paid for the exorbitantly priced holidays, and nights out? If she wanted to attract the right sort of man, she needed to be in the right places.
And she would stop at nothing to continue to live behind this smokescreen of a life that she had created.
“Here! I knew we’d get there!” Jack was almost jumping with joy! He scrambled up the stairs to peer inside the cave, but that was all he could do. “Jill, you are going to need to go in, I can’t quite fit!”
“Move over then, tubster!” she said with a little fondness, looking at her sweaty faced little brother.
Going in was like stepping back into their childhood! It hadn’t been found by anyone else, and there was a blanket of dust and cobwebs gracing every surface. Scrambling around in her bag, Jill found the torch she had brought with her and switched it on.
Looking around, she saw the pair of now tiny chairs and the table. There was the candle holder and a small box of matches.  And in the far corner was the small hole where they used to put the biscuit tin. Gingerly, she eased it out and opened the box. There was a huge amount of rubbish, rotten leaves, that crumbled in her hand, stones, and various rubbish that children found to be valuable at a young age, but nothing that was a true treasure. Jack must have been mistaken.
“Did you find it sis?” Jack called from the cave mouth.
“Yeah, I did,” she said, “but there’s nothing here…” Sifting through , her fingers felt something round and flat. Pulling it out, she realised that it was indeed a coin, rather like that one in the news.
“Come on then, bring the box out at least, so I can have a look!” Jack was eager to root through the rubbish too. Slipping the coin in her pocket, she made her way back to the entrance and handed him the tin.
“See, nothing but old crap, Jack, sorry.” She watched as he stood there, rooted to the spot, frantically pushing the leaves and stones from side to side.
“But, but! I was so sure. Seriously sis, don’t you remember that coin? I am so sure we found one like it… it was that day. You know, that day. When I fell down these steps and bumped my head. Mum was adamant that we don’t come here after that, but we still sneaked out!”
Oh yeah, I remember that day Jack, Jill thought, when you didn’t slip, but were given a helping hand, just a little one, on your journey down, just like the little assistance you’ll be getting now…
It wasn’t a long drop, just a few stone steps, but with his excess weight, it was like falling many feet, and that rock at the bottom served as a pretty sharp pillow to rest his head on, once he came to a halt. Crimson oozed from his temple, spreading across the stones, and pooling in the mud below.
“Sorry brother dearest…” Jill fingered her pocket, feeling the outline of the coin. This was going to get her out of some deep water, “…but don’t worry, I’ll chuck a few hundred at your kids too…”

Jack and Jill
Went in the cave
To fetch an antique coin
Jack got pushed
out of the way
and Jill cashed in a fortune

Sorry, a little more morbid than usual!

Hope you enjoyed it!


A Whole Other World…

Cave prompt

Sue’s Underground photo prompt this week for 99 word or fewer pieces, be it prose, poetry, humour… whatever takes your fancy! Check it out here.

It always intrigued me, that little hole… I wandered past it most days, whilst walking my dog.
Not really small enough to be a burrow of any sort, but not big enough to be some sort of manmade cave…
One day Toffee was running on ahead, as he did, and his lead started pulling tight.  His barks grew more and more frantic, so I quickly followed him to see what was up.
As I turned the corner to the mouth of this mini cave, all I saw was the back of a little person, scampering away down the tunnel…

Think I may be channelling a little Enid Blyton here, I have been reading the Fairy Folk to the kids!!!

My interactive peeps!

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