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A month away from Sue’s #writephoto prompt. I don’t know how I managed to stop myself from participating!

But, service is more or less back to normal, and here is my take!

A little silly humour…

“I’m going to do it.”
“I’m taking the plunge… or the cut, so to speak.”
“Speak sense, you silly man!”
“I’m getting rid of it. Every single strand. Chop. That’s it. Frizz, be gone!”
“So you’re finally cutting that mop off?”
“Yup. Ten years I’ve been cultivating this – this mess. And for what? So the students could laugh at me, and make fun of my style? Honestly, I thought I looked rather becoming…”
“Er, no dear. It was never becoming. Definitely a defining feature of yours though. I’ll be glad of the clear plughole after you’ve showered though. You never quite got the hang of cleaning the plug, did you?”
“But, erm, why do you have that old sword of yours in your hands? You weren’t thinking of using that for your chop, were you?”
“Well, yeah… It feels appropriate. It was a sacrificial sword, you know. And I feel like I’m sacrificing my hair for some respect from the pupils.”
“Yeah, well, as long as you remember that’s a plastic replica you’ve got there…”

Ritu 2019

Carrot Ranch Rodeo #1 -Dialogue -Winners & My Entry

So, the Carrot Ranch Rodeo was with us through the month of October, and I think I took part in pretty much all of the contests, bar one.

Having received an honourable mention in the TUFFest Challenge, I was more than happy, and am really delighted to share the winners of this first contest, judged by His Geoffleship, Chelsea Owen and Esther Chilton.

The first contest was to write a 99-word piece in pure dialogue. Not an easy task, I have to say, but the honourable mentions and winners were really well deserved!

Click here to read the winners entries and a special mention to Sarah Brentyn who was awarded both second AND first place! The contests are blind judged too, so I think you can see the talent in this woman!

We had this photo as our fantastic prompt.

I do love His Geoffleship!

And here is my (non-winning) take!

“Whatcha looking at?”


“Look, dear! He’s trying to say something to me!”


“Oh do be careful, Mr Tortoise. If you strain your neck too much, you might just do something to yourself.”


“I do wonder what these animals are thinking. Is he just making random noises? Or is he trying to communicate with me?”

“Mmmmnnnngghrrrr!!! I AM trying to say something!”

“Geoff, dear, we need to move along now.”


“Mmmmmnnnnnggghhh! No! Don’t go! For the first time I found a man with a neck to rival mine! I’ll even forgive you calling me a ‘he’!”

Hope you enjoyed my little mischief!


Sacha’s #Writespiration prompt this week…

This week tell your story using dialogue only.


“So, we gonna do it?”
“I dunno…”
“Don’t be boring, it’ll be easy! We wait until they go to bed, then creep downstairs… and wait!”
“But I’m too tired!”
“Listen, if you want to see if Father Christmas is real, then we’ve only got tonight…Come on! Seriously? Asleep in 10 seconds? Whatever!”



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