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Sue’s #writephoto prompt this week. We’ve been spoiled with two photos today!


Ginny looked at the window sill.
Drat! Another leak!
It was strange.
There hadn’t been any rain the last few days, in fact it had been surprisingly pleasant for a February.
She went off to go and tend to the guests they had staying at the Manor House this week.
A rather rowdy, but well off group of gentlemen, footballers, she thought they said they were. Well, you would have to be well off to rent out a Manor House like this for a whole week!
It was a ‘stag do’ they said, celebrating the last few nights of bachelorhood of one of their number.
Youngsters nowadays, Ginny thought. Back in her day, the men popped to the local for a quick pint to ward off the nerves of the Groom-to-be. Now they celebrated with days of drinking and eating and rather raucous music and behaviour!
They had taken to congregating in the large attics that had been converted. Apparently the acoustics were much better there, for their loud music.
Really, had this been twenty years ago, Sir Rotherham would never have allowed this type of jaunt on his property, but since his death, young Master Rotherham (she still couldn’t call him Sir… ) had taken to finding any way to make money from their estate. No scruples, that young man.
In fact, while this bunch of famous louts were wrecking the place she had looked after for the last fifty years, Master Rotherham was firmly ensconced within their group, enjoying being surrounded by all this ‘money’. He kept talking about selfies with various names she had never heard of, and being ‘liked’ on Insta-chat, or Snap-gram, whatever it was called!
Talking of Master Rotherham, she could hear his voice. He sounded rather high of spirits… probably due to the amount of spirits he had consumed. Never was good with alcohol, that boy…
Ginny went to look out of the window, where she felt the voice was coming from.
Gasping, she took a step back!
Well, that was a part of Master Rotherham’s anatomy that she hadn’t seen since he was a whippersnapper! And now she knew what that ‘leak’ was all about.
Really! Sir Rotherham would be rolling in his grave if he could see this!

I hope you enjoyed my silly tale!


Review Time! Pixar’s Inside Out

Inside out1

So, guess what this big lil girl went and watched today??!!

YUP Inside out!

Oh it was fantastic!

Riley, and her parents

Riley, and her parents

The story of a young girl, Riley, perfectly happy in her life, who, alongside her family, gets uprooted, and it’s a true exploration of the emotions one at such a vulnerable age, i.e. pre puberty, alongside others of all age groups, may go through.



We meet Joy, the happy emotion in Riley’s life.  She brings happiness and wants to make sure that her little charge is always bursting with joy, and that nothing makes her sad… but through the film, she realises herself that happiness is not the only emotion that can cause life to go smoothly.



Then you get little blue Sadness, who seems to tinge everything she touches with the blues, and her actions appear to cause some real chaos in Riley’s life, but they all realise at the end that sometimes a little sadness, can help things along, and make a bond stronger.



Anger, now he’s a funny one! Lil Man’s favourite character, and boy, when he blows his top, well, I just hope that Lil Man doesn’t think it would be a great idea to copy him!  This character’s part in the movie shows that we all have that anger inside us, and sometimes those sour of the moment, heated decisions we make, are not always the best, though they do seem like it at the time!



Now we come to my Lil Princess’s favourite emotion…. Disgust! A sassy lil green ball of attitude, kinda like Lil Princess, though she isn’t really green!  She shows how you build up this emotion of what is acceptable, whether it is food, or even to do with how you react to others,  and that it is there in us all.



Aw now Fear was kinda cute! And we all have fear inside of us. It’s inherent. You need to have a little fear inside you, to stop you doing dangerous things as a child, and if cultivated correctly, that fear will stop you being irresponsible as you get older!

Go! Watch it!!!

Go! Watch it!!!

I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s safe to say that Inside Out is a film that both children and adults would like, and be able to relate to. It shows the interconnection of feelings, and how sometimes situations can actually make you feel that you have misplaced your emotions, almost, and that it’s often the case that there is a cycle of other emotions you have to go through, to recover the status quo in your mind.



And if nothing else, you need to go see it to see the Pixar short ‘Lava’ at the beginning! Such a cute story/song of a lonely volcano looking for love! It was beautiful!

Well, I hope I may have influenced you to watch the move, seriously, I highly recommend it!

I believe the next one on our list will be Pixels!

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