One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Being Watched

“Why does sleep elude me when I need it the most?” – Ritu

I’m sorry it’s a ‘one line’ with an explanation – again!

I’ve been really tired again recently, and to top it off, Lil Princess thinks it’s a great idea to wake in the middle of the night, and appear in our bed.

Usually, I don’t realise, but last night (early this morning) at 4.30 am, she dutifully turned up, and since then I haven’t slept.

Instead, my mind has been full of thoughts surrounding playing cards (Alice in Wonderland topic in one class), staff placement, Purple Mash Log-ins (online learning platform), Jack and the Giant (Jack and the Beanstalk topic in other class), and shape activities…

Because I am being observed today, by my head teacher, but I also have to cover another class in the morning too… And somehow fit a little planning in too…

And before you think ” Well that’s not fair! Being observed when you are in and out all day!”, I was meant to be observed two weeks ago, but my arm and the snow week put paid to that. Booked this date in before I realised that I was already meant to be covering the other class.

So it’s my own fault really, and I didn’t want to change the observation date as it has been hanging over me for the last few months!

I just hope a huge yawn does not escape from my mouth mid lesson while I am being watched!!!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge.

Observation Expectations

Yes, yes you all know what I was doing today.

Stressing myself silly about that lesson observation!

And I am here to report back and tell the tale, so to speak!

The kids, though wonderful at times, were pretty overexcited. It can always throw some of them, having a strange person in their environment. Make that two new faces and well, you can imagine…

Still, they did exactly what I thought they’d do, the Head has seen some of the children that may need additional support through out school too.

There was much watching then conferring. You know how that can get your hackles raised… what are they talking about?

Oh man, were the kids really behaving that badly? My behaviour management techniques were going to be questioned. Had the kids answered questions thown at them with the words they were hoping to hear?

It was a tense half an hour. Weeks of stress, a week of sleepless nights for that half an hour.

Was it worth it?

Hell yeah!


In my feedback, I was told that the Head thought it was a ‘strong Good’ rated lesson! My line manager gave my lesson an overall ‘Good with Outstanding features’ rating!

The kids were on plan, busy and actively learning.

The staff were all reading from the same hymn sheet.

I did the best I could with the behaviours that were displayed.

They showed that they understood, learned and retained facts through activities and play!


I can breathe now!!!


Thank you ALL for your faith in me, it sure helped me along today!

I will not be needing any more observations this academic year now, so can relax and enjoy the rest of the year with my little class of crazies!

And so to a peaceful nights sleep!!!!




On Being Observed… 11 ‘What Ifs’ Running Through My Mind.

I haven’t been sleeping well, you guys know that.

The reason is because I have a lesson observation on Thursday. I am pretty used to being observed by my manager, but this time it is her along with the Head Teacher, coming to see me in action.

But there are so many things running through my brain all the time, regarding said observation!

Oh My God!

What if…

  1. …I am doing EVERYTHING wrong!
  2. …I goof up?
  3. …the kids don’t listen?
  4. …I can’t speak?
  5. …I don’t live up to the expectations of the management?
  6. …my lesson just ‘doesn’t work’?
  7. …I can’t control the kids?
  8. …my staff don’t react in the way I’d like them to?
  9. …the children look bored?
  10. …things don’t go to plan?
  11. …the kids don’t learn?

I’ve spent nights thinking about specific activities that show the children being ‘stretched’ through play, and whether the activity makes sense/is fun/is beneficial/ticks the relevant boxes with regards to the learning intention I hope to achieve.

I worry about whether my behaviour management techniques with the children will be deemed to ‘work’. The children I am being observed with are lovely, but there are a couple of children with additional needs, and the obligatory behavioural issues, not to mention English as an Additional Language for most of the class!

Everything needs to be simple, they are three or four years old. But not too simple that it doesn’t challenge the children that are more able.

I have the additional pressure of the fact that when my colleague was observed, there were a lot of ‘issues’ pointed out, and I know that management want to see me addressing these issues, which I will.

I am confident in myself… until someone comes along to judge me.

Then I go to pot.

I’m the same with exams. I know what is needed, but put me under that exam pressure, and I crumble!

But I am worried that I’ll stutter, or I’ll waffle, to overcompensate and over explain things to the kids, waffling away, as is the case with me normally, so imagine what ‘over-waffling’ could be like?!

Oh dear God, see! I am waffling on here again already… you are reading my nerves!!!!

So please, wish me luck for tomorrow.

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