Half Term Is Here! (Stream of Consciousness)


It has been a short term so far, but no less exhausting than the 7/8 week ones we experienced before Christmas so this week break was welcomed.

The cold weather doesn’t help, but hopefully, the weather-induced downs will subside soon!

I had it all planned…

Initially, we planned to spend the week with my parents…  I could spend time with them and relax, recharge batteries… then all sorts of other plans and prebooked events cropped up!

So no long drive, and instead, the week would consist of me ferrying kids to places, but there would be plenty of writing time to… maybe that WIP would become a completed first draft!

But no… things aren’t ever that simple, are they?!

The trip back home was long overdue, so Hubby Dearest said I should fit it in, even if only a couple of days… meaning that we are apart for Valentines this year…😪 But then, isn’t it really just a commercialised day, when, in fact, we can celebrate our love every day? And it’s worth the sacrifice to spend time with my Pops and Mum.

So, instead, the week has so far consisted of, and will continue with…

  • Birthday dinners
  • Bit of pampering (Nails, etc)
  • Friend’s birthday party (and some alone shopping time for me!)
  • A day in (today), as my car is out for service and MOT (another expense that wasn’t needed in February, with all the family birthdays too!)
  • Taxi service for indoor cricket training (Lil Man)
  • Charity shop visits to find some bits and bobs for Nursery
  • A sleepover for Lil Princess
  • Driving home for 2 days
  • A mega birthday for Lil Princess who will turn to double digits soon!
  • A single Sunday free from any planned activities before the school term starts again on Monday!



No… where is the writing time in all that???? And I need to catch up on sleep too!!!

It’s Monday, and 9.30am as I type this.

I’ve been up since 6am, getting the car ready for pick up so it can be serviced, tidying up the kitchen, doing laundry, seeing off my working Hubby, occupying kids, paying megabucks for the car (whoever wanted a Mercedes? Dang expensive cars!), reading blogs… I feel like I’ve already done a day’s work!

Can I go back to bed?

#SoCS Jan. 3/18 – In Other Words…

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “in other words.” Use the phrase at least once in your post. Have fun!

How are we all today?

I’m fine, on this Saturday morning, glad that the alarm didn’t have to go off to wake me at some ungodly hour!

And what do I have to look forward to? Chillaxing time? Nothing but me and my book? (And family, obviously!)

Don’t be silly!

February is always one of my busiest months, with all of my in-laws birthdays my Hubby Dearest’s birthday (Mother-in-law’s on the same day!), my Lil Princess’s  (Father-in-law’s on the same day!) AND Valentine’s Day! And today, in fact, is my brother-in-law’s special day! Happy Birthday, Big Bro!

In other words, there’ll be no rest for us this month, let alone this weekend!

But I still aim to carve some time out to write, during our half-term break, which is a week off from work at least, if not from life!

Better get off to wrap presents!

Catch ya later Peeps!

Happy Saturday Peeps!

Off Radar… A Little

OK so I’m home now… Away from my childhood reminiscences…:'(
I got my Pops and Mum with me! Yay!! 🙂
So, forgive me if I’m not too active, post-wise the next couple of days, but I have entertaining to do, and a party to go to tomorrow night!
I have a couple of things that need responding to too, which will all be done, I promise!!!
But for now… See Ya Later Peeps!!!
And just remember….


But I Smile Anyway...

Am I Mad!!??


It’s the half term holiday here in the UK. That means we get a week off.

The kids recuperate, and the teachers try to dig the selves out of the marking pit, long enough to actually relax for a couple of days, before slipping straight back in!

I am officially between roles now. So no longer a HLTA, (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) arms 10 days off starting my proper teaching position. I aim to relax, get a bit of my course work done, and spend time with the kids!

Who am I kidding? Muggins here has offered to host a sleepover, happily, I might add, but still. That’s 5 kids, hubby and a cat to look after!! It’s only one night, but still…. Lots to get ready! 

Then we can only hope for a couple of days away, before I need to get going on homework, mine, and the kids!!! Don’t forget the head teacher’s challenge either!!! And obviously prepare for my new role… Which might include a trip into school to get a feel of my classroom!

Relaxing shmelaxing!!! (-and since when did I become Jewish?!)

Apologies in advance…

If I miss one of your posts tomorrow, I’m really sorry…

I am on a course tomorrow, outta the house before 7.30, to drop the kids to breakfast club, then I won’t finish until 4… Goodness knows when I’ll be back with the traffic! Kids in after school club too… 

So I won’t be able to quietly peruse my reader with a cup of tea, as I usually do. Instead I’ll be speed reading this time tomorrow!!

In case I can’t wish it tomorrow, have a great Friday all!!

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